Facebook OKs Calls for Violence Against Russians

Anyone following social media’s “Community Standards” knows how selectively they are enforced. Your humble writer was permanently banned from Twitter in 2019 for using a word to describe Sean Hannity’s mental slowness that is otherwise used perhaps millions of times per day by others with full impunity. Likewise, calls for violence against Sen. Rand Paul are also made routinely with impunity, in direct violation of the stated “Community Standards.”

But even the hypocrisy and cynicism we have seen to this point by Big Social Media does not prepare one for a shocking development today, as first reported by Reuters and then picked up by the Washington Post: Facebook (and Facebook-owned Instagram) have “updated” their “Community Standards” guidelines and will now allow calls for violence against Russians.

Yes that’s right. Russians – not the Russian government or the Russian economy, or even top Russian political figures but just plain old Russians – are now subject to new guidelines that ALLOW rather than forbid “Hate Speech” and even actual calls for violence!

For those who felt that Japanese internment camps and “colored” drinking fountains were a disgusting chapter, thankfully relegated to the dustbin of history, who were sure that we’ve moved far beyond such primitive racism and violence, here’s a reminder that lurking just below the surface and subject to re-activation by the powers-that-be in the propaganda machine is that same old violent hatred of others. And social media is more than happy to accommodate the wishes of its governmental masters.

It is very clear that we are not progressing as a society toward ever-more liberal values. We are regressing to a violent, feral state. Endlessly looking inward for enemies to destroy. “Anti-vaxxers,” Trump voters, and now just plain old everyday Russians. Kill them. They are evil. Is this OK?

Facebook, a de facto arm of government, is now encouraging calls for violence against innocent people who happen to be of a particular race or ethnic background or linguistic group.

Race-hate of an unpopular ethnic and religions group? Haven’t we seen this horrific movie before?

Daniel McAdams is director of the The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

26 thoughts on “Facebook OKs Calls for Violence Against Russians”

  1. It seems that it is not bad enough for the government to contract fighting wars to private companies (it used to be called mercenaries) that they are now contracting censorship AND utilizing the media for agitation. We are definitely heading in the wrong direction.

  2. Mar 10, 2022 Putin is ‘so frustrated and disappointed’ in his army that ‘he’s lashing out’

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is “so frustrated and disappointed” about how his magnificent army has underperformed that “he’s lashing out”


    1. The British media is so intoxicated with war frenzy that they are even claiming that Ukraine is winning the war and is surely going to win. To me the elephant in the room that no one wants to see is this: How many Ukrainian soldiers have died? This is the key question which no one wants to address. It is censorship of course. But Ukrainian casualties have to be mind-blowing and staggering. This reminds me of the Battle for Berlin in 1945 where the Germans put up futile and senseless resistance, not concerned about sparing lives. On the ground, Russian forces have taken virtually all of the south and eastern Ukraine. They are moving north towards Kiev. From a military point of view, Ukraine lost this war a long time ago. We have to ask: How many more Ukrainian lives must be lost in a futile war fueled by U.S. and NATO war propaganda? Of course, there are those who argue that they should never give up and that they should keep on fighting to the last man, like they did in Berlin in 1945. It is their choice.

      1. When you understand NATO’s founding purpose Savich everything makes perfect sense.

        January 26, 2022 What is NATO? Military alliance in spotlight as Russia tries to forbid Ukraine membership

        NATO was established in 1949 as a defense against the Soviet Union. Its core principal is mutual defense, enshrined in Article 5 of its founding treaty. There are 30 NATO member. Russia is trying to keep Ukraine from joining them. The threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted NATO forces to mobilize across Europe, evoking for many the military alliance’s first reasons for being.


  3. Don’t ever critise the Zionazi killings of Palestinian children on FB and you will surely land in Facebook Jail for 30 Days.
    Been there several times already !

    1. Heh Theo…same with me on commondreams. Fuck that neolib website; I’ll never go back.

  4. I will enjoy watching heads explode when someone takes this to heart and actually attacks or- god forbid- kills a Russian who happens to be Jewish. Will FB cheer them on, or castigate them for ‘hate crimes against Jews’? What will Israel do in retaliation against FB or any other social media that is involved? Who is the US public supposed to sympathize with that point?

  5. Are Russian-Americans the new Muslims, or Mexicans?
    Heck, we Amerikkkans have to find SOMEONE to transfer our aggressions to.
    I find perverse satisfaction that I have a random-bred cat who strongly resembles a Russian Blue; Russian vodka in my cupboard; and many CD’s of classical Russian composers 😉

    1. The racist and intolerant American mindset always reveals itself in times such as these. We pretend to be so concerned about human rights and democracy and freedom of speech, but in reality the opposite is the case.

  6. Governments have to get their populations to hate another population to get them to go to war , i remember 6 US Marines being asked why they hated the Vietnames not one could give an answer , the simle fact is they are brain washed into hateing other people , they have to get the soldiers to look at their so called enimies as sub human , savages , terroists ect ect ect , these methods are as old as warfare it`s self , if they didn`t do this no one would go to war.

  7. Facebook says, “Oh, but not CREDIBLE calls for murdering other people.” While Facebook and Twitter have permabanned people for very jokingly talking about violence against some public person.

    But McAdams gets it backward. It’s the government that is the arm of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, or rather of the other media owners of the same kind. Most of all A.G. Sulzberger, chairman of New York Times, and Walter Seff Isaacson, chairman/CEO of CNN and editor of Time. Biden as vice president noted how certain Politically Correct opinions were forced upon the party “by the grassroots,” which don’t do anything the media don’t push by publishing it, while they ignore other “by the grassroots” opinions every day. For example, “civil disobedience” like chaining yourself to a meat plant only works when the media show up to write glowingly about it as a great success.

  8. Let’s face it. Half the Ukrinian government has broken th eold rule, that prohibited calling for violence against random strangers, Russçian or not. FB created this rule especuially for the Ukrainina government and the CIA’s nazi attack dogs of the Azov batallion.

  9. Alternate news has been around for some years now. Decades in fact. Only a stupor would go against Russia.

  10. Does this simply provide Ukrainians with so much rope to hang themselves with? I don’t know how many Ukrainians actively use facebook, but if my country were being invaded, I don’t know that it’s in my best interest to be publicly on the record via social media as advocating for the deaths of enemy soldiers/their president, especially in the event that they seize control… Could this lead to reprisals, or is that unlikely?

  11. This is my take. This is what the Ukraine Crisis is about: NATO expansion to the borders of Russia. But NATO is just a front for the U.S. government and military. Get all these lackeys and puppets to fight for America. We are power. Everyone must kneel to us and submit.

    It is really about the American policy to divide people against each other, get people to kill each other. This has always been the American way.

    We all saw it in the former Yugoslavia. In Krajina, in Bosnia, in Serbia. In Bosnia, all three groups agreed to reach a peace agreement at Lisbon to prevent a civil war. They adopted a Swiss canton type of arrangement. The U.S. Government, however, opposed a peace deal and instructed the Bosnian Muslim faction to go to war with U.S. and NATO backing. What resulted was one of the most horrific civil wars in recent history. All manufactured by the U.S.

    And the U.S. now harps about Ukrainian “sovereignty” but gave a rat’s ass about Serbian sovereignty. And lest we forget, Serbia is the closest ally of Russia today and throughout the last 200 years. That is an overlooked and underestimated factor in Russian policy towards Ukraine and NATO.

    America has set people against each other with Cuba when the U.S. joined England and France to become a colonial and imperialist power globally in 1898 by enslaving and exploiting people.

    The U.S. supported the long-suffering Cuban people in gaining independence from Spain. Then we took over the country and we had us a bunch of new slaves. They were going to make sugar for us and Havana cigars. It was a new slavery.

    So Cuba became the most anti-American country in the world. They overthrew their CIA dictator installed by the U.S. and even allowed Russia to put nuclear missiles inside the country.
    Cubans saw that America did not give a rat’s ass about the Cuban people but just exploited them as new slaves.

    Iran is the same way. Iran is one of the most anti-American countries on the planet. This is because America is supposed to have brought freedom and democracy there by installing a CIA dictator.

    I think Iranians understood that the U.S. really was looking for new slaves and that it had no interest in democracy or freedom. Iranians called the U.S. “The Great Satan”.

    And last year we saw that Afghanistan rejected 20 years of U.S. democracy and freedom. They wanted the U.S. out of there and to never return, ever.

    Now it is Ukraine. The U.S. gives a rat’s ass about the Ukrainian people. It is all about destroying Russia and killing Russians. Ukrainians are the new slaves for the U.S., the new Bosnians, the new Kosovars, the new South Vietnamese. The U.S. plays the same game: Divide people against each other, get people to hate and kill each other. That is the game.

    We need a new way of thinking here. This divide and conquer approach is only leading to disaster for the U.S. and other countries. That is my opinion on this.

  12. The momentum for Absolute War is increasing.
    IMHO, Russia gave advance notice to Zelenski to move the Ukraine weaponized Plutonium, his dreadful sin and secret.
    Those Jets in poland are hot potatoes.
    Our Military should have access to them, inspect them, sniff them.
    Let’s give NATO THE BENEFIT OF doubt of being culpable, that no one in NATO knew they had been making WMD’S. Or that they were exported for later use to a NATO country for escalation purposes ( When a nuke war happens, the narration can be controlled via terrorism).
    One asset in Poland is an app. IT is multi lingual and invites hacking of the game and does nothing to stop it. IT was made in Arizona and sold to Poland, an new public traded stock ( huuge). A dragnet to identify international hackers.
    To have a binder full of Cyber Scapegoats to mirror and blame any terrorist act on.

    The cyber threat is real but the culprits are wearing costumes much like the mormons did in the Mountain Meadows Massacare. After that, the Mormons wanted our Government to eradicate All Natives. Like they later killed the Chinese laborers who had built their railroads: very certain Genocidal tendency patterns and now they want the entire Hebrew diaspora to fight and kill over a designed conflict in Europe and Russia to perform GENOCIDE again, to have a no-contest access to Mount Morriah, to build and control a temple as its priests and judges and adjudicating Global authority. What was Romney’s visit to Poland in his campaign year, 2012?
    2 kitty
    ROMANS 10:9

  13. Wow. Someone refreshed my screen, unlogged me and dumped my composition.
    Did I hit a nerve?
    Who did that?
    Who has that kind of aaccess and control here ?
    A: M.I.C.

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