US, Russia at War – Neither Will Admit It

The U.S. and Russia, possessing over 13,000 nukes between them, are at war. By imposing economic sanctions designed to collapse the Russian economy, and funneling billions in weaponry into Ukraine to combat the Russian invasion, the US has taken sides, aiding Ukraine’s efforts to fend off the criminal Russian invasion. That represents de facto war with Russia.

But neither the US nor Russia will admit such a war exists between them. To do so puts every weapon at their disposal to defeat the other side. That includes those 13,000 nuclear weapons, only a few hundred of which could end life on earth.

In recognition of this, Russia has ignored America’s crushing economic sanctions and American made weaponry killing invading Russian soldiers. America, in turn, has turned down repeated requests from besieged Ukrainian president Zelensky and many in the US to establish a ‘no fly’ zone over Ukraine. Why? That would quickly result in US pilots shooting down Russian war planes, ripping off the façade that no war exists between them. That is also the reason the US refused to be a middleman in funneling Polish war planes to the under equipped Ukrainian air force.

Putin and Biden are both walking a precarious tightrope. Putin seeks to subdue Ukraine quickly to forestall more deadly US action against his aggression. Biden seeks to go right up to the line of open conflict with Russia without eliciting a Russian military response to NATO countries or the US itself.

That is why many of us in the peace community do not support pumping billions of weaponry into a war zone. It will not only increase casualties on both sides, but it could also bring the world closer to a larger war of horrifying destruction. Outside of the US and NATO, few countries are pouring arms into Ukraine.

What is needed more than ever is diplomacy to bring the fighting to an end. So far there have been 4 sessions between Russia and Ukraine, the last brokered by NATO member Turkey. Israel has also urged negotiations and compromise by both sides to end warfare.

Virtually every war ends with diplomacy, not unconditional surrender.

Why isn’t the US getting involved with diplomacy instead of going right up to the edge of acknowledged war with Russia? One reason is the US has never, and so far will never, acknowledge and deal with Russian security concerns that influenced their criminal invasion in Ukraine, the flashpoint for US/NATO, Russia tensions that should never have occurred. Had the US taken that stance with North Vietnam, we might still be fighting the Vietnam war.

These are inconvenient truths neither the US government nor US media will allow discussed. That must end. Better to acknowledge there is a place for diplomacy rather than trip over the line of all out war with Russia.

Let’s not move the Doomsday Clock up a hundred seconds to… Doomsday.

Walt Zlotow became involved in antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs. He blogs daily on antiwar and other issues at

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  1. ” to forestall more deadly US action against his aggression”

    “their criminal invasion in Ukraine”

    Funny how Walt doesn’t mention Donbass a single time. Or the 2014 coup. Apparently the Washington-funded coup never happened, and the coup regime hasn’t been bombing towns and cities in Donbass for seven years, with snipers terrorizing people. And Ukraine didn’t ban newspapers, imprison journalists and politicians, and last fall amass 60,000 soldiers for a final invasion of Donbass.

    No, it’s just Russian “aggression” for absolutely no reason!

    Bill Kristol would be proud.

    1. “One reason is the US has never, and so far will never, acknowledge and deal with Russian security concerns that influenced their criminal invasion in Ukraine, the flashpoint for US/NATO, Russia tensions that should never have occurred.”

      He did here towards the end. But I agree with your point. It’s the same with a lot of these articles. The opening paragraphs lambast Russia and then it’s almost mentioned in passing why they invaded.

    2. If they ever mention the coup as a precursor to Russia’s reactions, their entire narrative will disintegrate. They are basically taking advantage of people’s ignorance. Its the only way they can control public opinion without being autocratic.

    3. The Azov Battalion was formed out of the coup. There were banners everywhere reveling in NAZIs of old. They made their point when they burned alive 42 separatists.

      1. Placing and pointing missiles is going to threaten anyone. Just think of all the paranoid factions in the U.S. and how they react to much littler things. It’s basic psychology if nothing else and a failure (unless provoking Russia was intended) of foreign policy.

    4. None of the war mongering imperialists ever mention Donbass, NAZI leadership at Maidan, Nazis littering Ukraine;’s military and police, NAZIs in high positions in government.

  2. “That would quickly result in US pilots shooting down Russian war planes, etc.” Of course it’s unthinkable that the Russians might shoot down US pilots as well in the event of engagement.

    A question I would pose to the US government (my own) is that, in the event of escalation, will Congress actually discuss and debate- and vote on- a Declaration of War against Russia? Or will they- as they have since WW2- leave the President holding the bag by himself? If my nation is lurching towards a potential nuclear war with Russia, I want the names of those who would sign so many death warrants.

    1. “Of course it’s unthinkable that the Russians might shoot down US pilots as well in the event of engagement.”

      Of course, being American, he is mostly concerned about American lives. Understandable. What he probably doesn’t also realize is that more American pilots will be shot down than Russian pilots. This is because Russia has the air defense assets available that the US would not in Ukraine. It’s not going to just be “dog-fights” over Ukraine like that bullcrap “Ghost of Ukraine” nonsense.

      The US would have to launch hundreds – and I mean hundreds upon hundreds – of cruise missiles against Russian forces in Ukraine and in Russia itself to defeat the Russian AD system AND the Russian ECM systems that forced down most of the US Tomahawks used against Syria. This would result in Russia destroying all of the US/NATO military assets anywhere near Ukraine and Russia with missiles, as well as all US/NATO command and control facilities in Europe.

      In short, WWIII.

  3. ” Outside of the US and NATO, few countries are pouring arms into Ukraine.”

    Outside of NATO? NATO is the single most threat to peace in the world.
    Just before Ukraine they were increasing the ante on their provocations of China. The US just gave Colombia ally status. The US has just brought India into another coalition called the Quad, gave nuclear submarines to Australia including a base.
    China’s sin has been to grow. As such they have already been subject to sanctions, their companies restricted etc.

    1. Thank you for mentioning Colombia. Since the Obama administration we have leased 7 of their airbases. W. and Obama also took the 4th Fleet out of mothballs to patrol off of S. America and the Caribbean. C-7 aircraft can reach the entire Southern Hemisphere, and, have a jolly flight to Africa.

  4. “These are inconvenient truths neither the US government nor US media will allow discussed.”
    Sounds like the US media is the government.

  5. What is needed more than ever is diplomacy”No kidding, Sherlock. Biden could have forestalled everything by sitting down with Zelinsky and Putin BEFORE things went out of hand. He didn’t.

    1. I have been, writing exactly this, including using the term “forestalled. for over a week.

      Biden stinks!

  6. “Virtually every war ends with diplomacy, not unconditional surrender.”

    Did Japan negotiate? Did Germany? Really? Ukraine will either unconditionally surrender or Russia will make that unconditional surrender present on the ground.

    1. Did Japan negotiate?

      Actually yes!… They endured two atomic bombs but they held out to keep their Emperor and the US finally capitulated on that point.
      Sure they lost the war but they kept their honor and the Yankees didn’t get their “unconditional surrender”.

      But Ukraine is no Japan and Zelensky is no Emperor – just naked.

      1. The US got its unconditional surrender, and only later “capitulated” on the Emperor.

        But Japan had indeed been trying to negotiate for some time prior to the atomic bombings.

        1. Trying and failing – which is exactly Ukraine’s position. Whatever “concessions” Russia offers Ukraine won’t change the outcome. The existing regime will go away and a new one will be established. There’s no chance Russia allows the current regime to remain, riddled as it is with neo-Nazis.

        2. Indeed Japan tried and America well knew it’s red line, the Emperor.

          So after two A bombs didn’t do the trick and Russia jumping into the war and still no surrender.

          Japan’s Foreign Ministry sent telegrams to the Allies announcing that Japan would accept the Potsdam Declaration, but would not accept any peace conditions that would “prejudice the prerogatives” of the Emperor. That was Aug. 10, 1945.

          On Aug. 12 the Allies responded; “From the moment of surrender the authority of the Emperor and the Japanese government to rule the state shall be subject to the Supreme Commander of the Allied powers.” So there’s still an Emperor, albeit under the authority of the Allied Supreme Commander.

          This is exactly what the Americans rejected up until that point. Point being they were out of A bombs and the Russians were coming!

          The Yankees blinked!

  7. Lots of WTF comments Walt.
    You are doing a fine job, keep writing and kicking that hornets nest down the road.
    As far as any future international adjudication and justice on all this: it projects a false narrative into a dreamy world USA dominionist’s have constructed where the Dreamy Rule of Law will hand them Absolute Dreamy justice and Dominion. Note that the whirld has already normalized looting Russians assets and that sanctions are to bring them to their knees. But sanctions do not motivate a nation that is taking serious offensive actions on Ukraine who has Weaponized Plutonium and bio weapons WITH NO PAPER TRIAL.

    The question is, What plan to use these WMD’S has already been foiled by Russia? There were no well anticipated cyber threats because Ukrainian internet was trashed, not Russia’s. The use of bio weapons now and “tactical” nukes that the 700 club promise are a new warning and set-up to a sell. Russia has asked NATO to withdraw all of its nukes to insure this would NEVER get out of control yet NATO denies any offical knowledge that they exist. The Ukrainian president relocated his nuke arsenal. POLAND is the preferred destination for nukes as a result. Get honest NATO. This is no bluff war. It is predicated on the build of Ukrainian WMD’S now on NATO SOIL we will defend to the last inch (ellipsis is: to defend With Nukes). Let’s Rumble!
    2 kitty

    I really don’t think Russia will use “tactical nukes” including dirty bombs because the weaponized Ukrainian Plutonium bears a Made-In-Russia fingerprint. Nope, … small tactical nukes are not in play. This is big time! A nuclear response is anticipated unless the Ukraine President helps find and secure the WMD’S it relocated in NATO which Harris vows we will defend to the last inch. With what I ask?

  8. Walt, with all due respect, “Virtually” was a poor choice word.
    In today’s vernacular ‘Virtual’ reflects face time on a terminal not something that is tangible and real. Virtue is real.
    Example: Virtually the 700 Flub reported in its CBN outlet on Tee Vee that Russia was certain to use Bioweapons and Tactical nukes. In Reality, this is a dog wag to turn the Discovery of Ukrainian WMD’s such as Weaponized Plutonium and biological weapons into a Russian attribute and strategic method to escalate this onto a bigger and likely NATO NUCLEAR WAR. LET’S RUMBLE!

    Like the Cyber attacks we were told to expect as an attack on us did not happen ad promised, so too this fake news and dominionist propaganda tracks the same feet of lying liars. Russia is cyber secure and Ukraine has wifi as does POLAND.
    Remember W.H.O.P.P.E.R.? The computer that modeled Thermo nuclear war in the film War Games? That is Virtual War.
    Russia is using Real bullets and Bombs to mitigate a threat of a Rouge Nuclear State that our retired military and Conservative politicians have been living large with.


  9. Mar 15, 2022 Kim Iversen: China, Russia Declare A NEW WORLD ORDER In Released Joint Statement

    Kim Iversen reviews Russia and China’s friendship pact made February 4, and how it might currently affect Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  10. “and many in the US to establish a ‘no fly’ zone over Ukraine. Why? That would quickly result in US pilots shooting down Russian war planes,”

    That isn’t why. There is not a ‘no fly’ zone because Russian S-400 and radar jamming would destroy every last US or NATO plane that entered Ukrainian air space.

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