World War III Still Biggest Threat From Ukraine War

Forty-one days into Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine no end is in sight. This is due to several reasons. Most important is failure of the Russian military to achieve its primary war objective: regime change of the Zelensky government, in a country one third as populous as Russia. Their abysmal performance gives the lie to the preposterous Western meme that Putin’s Russia is trying to re-establish a Soviet style Russian empire. They appear incapable of fighting their way out of a proverbial paper bag.

But a close second is the refusal of the U.S. and most NATO nations to promote negotiations which are the only way to end a war neither side can win decisively. Secretary of State Antony Blinken keeps blinking at negotiations, avoiding contact with his Russian counterpart since February 15. President Biden refuses to talk to his Russian counterpart, saying he cannot remain in office much less discuss a negotiated settlement with him.

The US dismisses efforts by NATO members Turkey, France and Germany to communicate with Russia. Turkey is even serving as host for the difficult Russian, Ukraine negotiations, something that America should have brokered. Hard line NATO member Poland blasted French president Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who both had the courage and wisdom to engage Russian president Putin personally.

US officials failed to learn the lesson of the Cuban Missile Crisis sixty years ago. With the US and Russia on the brink of nuclear war, JFK sidelined the war hungry generals to promote candid, direct talks with Soviet diplomats connected to President Khrushchev. A late hour agreement forestalled likely nuclear war, no thanks to the hardliners who lamented failure of their chance to destroy Soviet Russia….and themselves as well.

In this war, instead of negotiations, the US has funneled $1.6 billion in weaponry into Ukraine, putting America at war with Russia, though both sides pretend they’re not…so far. The US is content to supply the firepower with only Ukrainians dying to achieve America’s goal of removing Russia from any economic and political integration with Europe.

This was supposed to happen peacefully with NATO’s endless expansion up to Russia’s borders, including wannabe members Georgia and Ukraine. But when Ukraine president Victor Yanukovych chose Russia as his economic partner in 2013, the US, engineered the February, 2014 coup, and act of war on Ukraine democracy, to bring Ukraine back into partnership with the West.

That set off a civil war in Ukraine between the Russian speaking eastern provinces and the new ultra nationalist government trained and weaponized by Uncle Sam. Over 13,000 are dead, mostly the Russian speaking separatists, in the past 8 years. Over 100,000 Ukraine troops poised for a Spring offensive was a poke too far for the Russian beehive, provoking the massive and bloody February 24 invasion.

With tensions mounting daily, it may take a miracle to prevent the undeclared war between the US and Russia from being acknowledged and going nuclear. But no miracle needed if the US will admit its 8 years of provocative threats to Russia, end arming the Ukrainian government, and begin sensible negotiations. Sixty years ago we saw a similar US Russia crisis barely avoid nuclear Doomsday. Unless US officials regain their senses and sanity, we may not be so fortunate this time round.

Walt Zlotow became involved in antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs. He blogs daily on antiwar and other issues at

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  1. “They appear incapable of fighting their way out of a proverbial paper bag.”

    Really? They supposedly have just brought the 2S4 Tyulpan (Tulip) mortar carrier into Mariupol. That self-propelled mortar is the largest in the world – called by some people a “city killer”. The Nazis in the Azovstahl steel plant are toast. It’s also perfect for destroying the bunkers the Ukrainian army has in Donbass. You’re going to see 50-100,000 dead Ukrainians in the next couple of weeks.

    Otherwise, your first paragraph is an example of butthurt produced by someone ignorant of military realities.

    1. good point.
      Appearances can be decieving.
      CBS said Mariupal was “Decinated” but it looked pretty much wasted to me.
      How is the Port? Is it intact ? Is the grain export infrastructure intact from rail to ship? Garners and grain silos intact?
      If still intact, then good, hope springs eternal for a peaceful resolution. NATO got comfortable with NAZISM that was blooming in Ukraine. Finland has Nazis.

      Appearances on the CBN 700 club said that Russia was going to use bioweapons and tactical nukes and malware but failed to report the Viacom Modem hack that occured a half hour after Putin went on live to announce February 24th’s exercise. Most never got the news because it killed the internet. Why advertise and then hack? Makes no sense. It was another ‘actor’ wanting to point the finger at Russia, to incite escalation. Who?
      A: Another just-in-time internet provider now serving Ukraine.
      Starlink can be repurposed as a 5g network post war with fast speeds and big Band Width.
      It is a Phased Array for Radar, Tracking, Targeting, Annoying, Burning, Destroying and SDI Laser Phased Array Star Wars Bedazzlement of fire coming down from heaven. Designed to take down ICBMS, not Hypersonics with seamless ceramic or Zirconium bodies. There is an optimal targeting speed limit and Hypersonics exceed it.
      Nazifacation of Ukraine is off the negotiation table and Ukraine can become uninhabitable if it harbors Nazis, Like Poland does.

      Russia will not tolerate Nazis and a Fascist neighbor that pees on willing presidents. No!

  2. Beautiful piece Walt.
    makes me want to cry ugly for hours.
    2 kitty
    I had one exception of doubt because I had to re-read it.


    made all the difference this time, at first my comprehension without that word was way off and I had my doubts about you like your brain went bad or something. How preposterous of me!

  3. Talking to your diplomatic counterpart is High Treason. Did you miss 2016-2020?

  4. There is no NEW threat from what is going on. The same horrible threats exist – the US government, the WEF and their desired “Great Reset,” the ongoing mass genocide from the jabs, the EU leadership and their desire to destroy all of Europe for the WEF goals, etc. These were threats to humanity long before Russia was forced to defend the breakaway republics in Donbass.

  5. “in a country one third as populous as Russia”

    I just never get this. Military capabilities aren’t based on populations.

  6. Walt Zlotow…antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs.” We need organizations like West Suburban Peace Coalition.

  7. War is not a question of illegality , I’m sick of hearing that. War happens when one party threatens another. NATO, the USA and Ukraine did the threatening. USA continues to ship weapons , Russia may start to be overwhelmed and WW3 will be the result. The USA will not be happy until Russia is destroyed, say goodbye to our cities if that happens. The neocon filth like Victoria Nuland, Blinken, our congress and our warmonger senile president will get us all killed!

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