Conflicts of Interest: The West Rushes to Act Against Russia Over Bucha War Crime Allegations

On COI #258, Kyle Anzalone discusses the latest updates about the war in Ukraine.

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6 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: The West Rushes to Act Against Russia Over Bucha War Crime Allegations”

  1. No idea whether the Russians actually are responsible for Bucha or not, or how bad it actually was, but the Kuwaiti Incubator Baby PR firm, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, has an office in Kiev and touts “expertise” in Ukraine. They have offices lots of places, so it’s quite possibly just a coincidence as they seem drawn to evil and corruption in general, but the two stories reminded me of each other.

    1. -Many bodies were next to craters, clearly the victims of the Zelensky regime’s shelling of the city. The Zelensky forces use civilians as human shields, they love having them killed to show the cameras “the Russians are killing civilians!”

      -At least one body had the hands tied with white cloth. This is what you normally do when you move dead bodies, to keep the hands from flailing. It is not “prisoners tied and shot!” like the media have it. Ukrainians also do this.

      -After the Russians left Bucha, the mayor did a selfie video celebrating. No mention of anyone being killed in the streets.

      -Three days later the Azov Battalion moved in.

      -Many in the city had taken to wearing white armbands to show they were not affiliated with the Ukrainian military. These are considered “traitors” by the Zelensky regime.

      -Many of the dead had white armbands and had died recently.

      So, it’s obvious they were killed after the coup regime’s takeover, then presented to the cameras.

      Jack Matlock, former ambassador to the USSR, said in a CNN interview there is no evidence the Russians killed the people found in Bucha. This video has oddly enough not been uploaded to the CNN website. He had to speak over the “reporter” who tried to cut him off.

      We also know that criminals are heavily armed after Zelensky gave the order to hand out Kalashnikovs to anyone who wanted them, and there are plenty of armed looters in the streets. We also know Ukrainian paramilitary groups ride around in civilian cars, so that Russians sometimes fire at any car that moves in a suspicious way. As one commentator put it, it is likely the dead bodies come from different days and for different reasons. But that’s too much nuance for the frothing-at-the-mouth media right now.

      1. At least one body had the hands tied with white cloth. This is what you normally do when you move dead bodies, to keep the hands from flailing.

        That may be so, but not behind the back, as in the scene you probably refer to.

        This sounds more like somebody using the white cloth from the arm of the corpse to tie the hands behind the back to make it look like an execution. Maybe this somebody also had an issue with people wearing white cloth, which doesn’t exactly indicate hostility towards the Russians. Perhaps he wanted to signal what happens to people wearing a white cloth.

        Normally, people would use cable binders to bind people, which are far more effective than a white cloth.

  2. Conflicts of interest?
    like Lds cartel owned Time Mag rep is interviewed on the pirated PBS network NOW BASED OUT WEST on AZ to sell us the war?
    It is sickening to see how we are producing a moneymaker of a long war with shills from the same wicked Dominionist empire building, Temple seeking Merogovian coup in the EU selling every chance the godly prosperity of their holy war.
    Its genocide on the heirs of the promise: the living Judaen Diaspora, the Elect, thec144,000 Levites who will teach in Tabernacles not a central temple.
    NATO is the Merogovian dynasty with a confederacy of nations and a murderous plan to embroil itself in war to eat its own tail in self destruction. The VICTORS to emerge are the USA dominionists : Masons and Mormons who will pivot militarily south to Jerusalem to go and to destroy it, killing all.
    Russia is according to their Eschatologies is Gog, the attacker of Jerusalem. More like NATO is Gog/ Magog.
    here we are! NATO has NAZI culture they have to defend and Russia still hates Nazis and people want a good long war to move some inventory.
    Should cooler minds in NATO refrain from this quagmire, some loose cannon will ruin it to speed things up into M.A.D.

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