Former NATO Analyst and Top UN Official Says This Is the Real Reason for War in Ukraine

Kim Iversen of Rising at The Hill reviews the role of autonomists in the war in Ukraine.

Very interesting perspective on an article by Jacques Baud, a former member of the Swiss strategic intelligence and specialist in Eastern countries. He was also a top official at the Political Affairs and Security Policy Division at NATO.

6 thoughts on “Former NATO Analyst and Top UN Official Says This Is the Real Reason for War in Ukraine”

  1. More credible evidence, from Jacques Baud, a Swiss intelligience expert who had worked for NATO, explaining the real origins of this conflict, the legitimate concerns of autonomy for russian speaking border areas, that Zelinsky was voted in on the promise of negotiating a peace, yet, seems to be forced , perhaps threatened, by Azov extremists, and US interests, to push for war

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  3. Finally. But how to have this voice heard and stop this madness? What form of collective action? I am in DC and happy to help organize if helpful DM

  4. Here in Canada the government propaganda runs thick on this issue. All the mainstream and even the smaller outlet media are financed by the government so this sort of information is not only hard to find but actively being censored through legislation.

    The fact that Canada has been training and arming Azov fighters since 2014 is not known by 99% of the population here because of the current propaganda/censorship situation here….

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