Ron Paul: New AP Poll Shows Americans Souring on Ukraine Aid

A new AP poll released this week shows for the first time that Americans are souring on “Putin’s price hike” as a cost of propping up Ukraine in its war with Russia. Six and seven dollar a gallon gas plus raging inflation have brought the cost of an interventionist foreign policy home to the US and Americans are not happy. Also today, Zelensky’s top aide has some colorful words for Ukraine’s western sponsors.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Ron Paul: New AP Poll Shows Americans Souring on Ukraine Aid”

  1. The leaders in Washington who want to give military aid to Ukraine are like children playing with matches. If we continue to side with and aid the Ukrainians, it is possible that we ourselves may be dragged into the war.

  2. What causes inflation: owners of businesses, large and small, raise prices for their products.

    It is not a magical hand or entity that causes inflation.

  3. That should make the American People vote Biden and other warmongers out of office. They should elect candidates that are antiwar no matter what party is in charge of the country and focus more on domestic affairs than foreign affairs.

  4. The people in power are bold faced liars and thieves who not only laugh at us,but want us all dead.(cept for their servants)

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