US, NATO, Spent 2021 Ramping Up Ukraine War

Neither the US government nor mainstream media will tell the American people the truth about 2021, America’s Year of Living Dangerously in Ukraine

But with nuclear war a growing possibility each day the war continues, it behooves us to review exactly how provocative US, NATO policy last year made war this year virtually inevitable.

The prelude to 2021 is also critical to understand the current war.

2008 US announces at NATO Summit, intention to bring Ukraine and Georgia into NATO.

2014 US supports coup to depose Russian leaning Ukrainian President Yanukovych, touching off civil war in Donbas. US begins training 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers annually to fight against their Russian speaking citizens there. Over 14,000 dead in 8 years since.

2017 US begins providing weapons for Ukraine to fight against its own people in Donbas

2021  The Year of Living Dangerously

Ukraine begins joint military training with NATO

June 14 – US, NATO reaffirm at NATO Summit to bring Ukraine into NATO

July – Operation Sea Breeze – Ukraine participates with 31 countries in Black Sea naval exercises aimed at Russia

September – Rapid trident 21 – Ukraine army engages in enhanced operational coordination with US, NATO countries

September – Ukraine President Zelensky renews his desire to join NATO, renouncing earlier pledge for Ukraine-Russian détente

September – Zelensky shuts down pro Russian TV stations in Ukraine

September – Zelensky visits Biden in White House to discuss closer US-Ukraine cooperation

November 10 – US and Ukraine sign US-Ukraine Charter on Strategic partnership, reaffirming eventual NATO membership for Ukraine

November 21 – Russian President Putin sends letter to US and NATO countries demanding 1. No NATO for Ukraine, 2. No offensive weapons on Russia’s borders, 3. NATO troops and equipment in Eastern Europe to be moved back to Western Europe.’

December – Response from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken: "There is no change. There will be no change."

But there has been change. Ukraine is being inexorably destroyed. Millions around the world face hunger, even starvation. The US economy sees soaring inflation, a Bear Market, eventual recession. US treasure in the tens of billions flees US for Ukraine, prolonging its death and destruction.

Worst of all? US and Russia on collusion course to nuclear annihilation.

That’s America’s Forrest Gump foreign policy in Ukraine: Stupid is as stupid does.

Walt Zlotow became involved in antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs. He blogs daily on antiwar and other issues at

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  1. It was all going according to plan until Russia won. Dang. This is why mediocre power crazed hatemongers shouldn’t compete with smart objective people with a large professional military and vast economic resources.

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