Just Half a Functioning Brain Will Suffice To See Through Propaganda

The elites of the European Union who are running the show seem to have a contemptuous view of their fellow citizens. Russian media must be banned from the air waves lest the poor simpletons who call themselves Europeans be led astray by the Kremlin!

I submit that the people could not care less about the entire fuss over Ukraine at the ideological level of democracy versus autocracy, or civilization over barbarism. They care about their fuel bills, about rising costs at the supermarket check-out. Full stop.

This indifference to the military and economic warfare being led from Brussels is sad, though it may yet be reversed and shift towards street protests in the coming months. Not because of Russian propaganda, which is surely now nipped in the bud, but because the pain being inflicted on the population by the economic kamikaze political leadership through sanctions on Russia becomes unbearable here.

Meanwhile, I offer some further thoughts bearing on my essay of two days ago about the New Iron Curtain.

First, to anyone with half a brain and a bit of mental concentration, the contradictions in Kiev-Collective West news (read propaganda) are glaring and self-defeating without an adversary in the ring.

I noted more than a month ago such contradictions in a BBC report from Kharkov on supposedly savage Russian artillery fire against residential buildings A well-coiffed and dressed female reporter in the foreground pointed to a partially burned out high rise building a hundred meters or so behind her, saying: "just imagine, four people died here under Russian artillery fire!" Four people died in the destruction of a multistory apartment building? A better interpretation is that the building was empty except for Ukrainian military supplies or sheltered heavy weapons, as the Russians said at the time.

Over this past weekend, a similar bit of nonsense was reported by Euronews and other Western media with respect to a Russian missile strike on an apartment building in downtown Kiev. Four of the nine stories were destroyed, but only one or two casualties were reported by the Ukrainians. Was this not a building from which the civilian residents had been chased out and a weapons production line had been installed, as the Russians claimed?

Now today’s featured headline report on the morning edition of Euronews speaks of a Russian air launched rocket attack on a shopping center in the central Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk, Poltava oblast. The smoldering remains, the twisted iron frame are shown on our screens. Zelensky claims that more than a thousand civilians had been sheltering there. Yet the reported deaths were a dozen or so. Does this make any sense if you put your mind to it? The simple answer is "no." That is to say, you see through the propaganda without even hearing the Russian explanation of what happened: namely that just 90 meters away was a factory renovating Ukrainian tanks and other military vehicles that was also being used to store newly arrived Western armaments; it was the primary target of the Russian bombs. Secondary explosions there set off fires in what was an abandoned shopping mall.

Gilbert Doctorow is a Brussels-based political analyst. His latest book is Does Russia Have a Future? Reprinted with permission from his blog.

© Gilbert Doctorow, 2022

7 thoughts on “Just Half a Functioning Brain Will Suffice To See Through Propaganda”

  1. Doctorow’s explanation is much more plausible than the propaganda of US and European media. The targets were storage sites of weapons and ammunition, the consequence of arming up Ukraine, and putting civilians at risk of being in a war zone. Did the civilians know there was a weapons storage site near the shopping center? If they did, then they would not have been shopping there. It seems true that civilians are being used as human shields.

  2. Unfortunately the majority of the population of the world do not have more than half a functioning brain. Most have less than half. Why do you think we have zombie movies? They are analogies to the way people are in real life.

  3. Just once I’d like to see a journalist ask an official what was supposed to happen when thousands of tons of military equipment were shipped into a free fire zone where the other side has overwhelming air superiority. If Ukraine really wanted to protect its citizens it would put all the arriving military hardware in a big field outside of Kiev with a big red red X on it.

  4. Whenever they showed on Polish TV another civilian building mauled by some Russian missiles, I wondered: how do they know it was not a site from which some Ukrainian GRAD fired its salvo? Arrived in the night, site emptied of people, fired and scuttled as they say? Then Russians somehow triangulate the source site of the salvo, feed obtained coordinates into a fire control computer of some weapon system, and fire a counterbattery salvo in return. What we get? Criminal Russians intentionally shelled a kindergarten, ruined it completely, two kids wounded (just look at the poor kids!).

  5. With climate change requiring maximum cooperation trade sanctions as a weapon must be outlawed. One can argue that sanctions lead to war rather than prevent it. Examining the validity of sanctions on Cuba would be a good starting point.

  6. I think the best of the recent editions – Snake Islands altar to EUkrainian freedumb excepted, was the Russian bombardment of Kyiv apartments on the same day the G7 met. Luckily any attention that might have uncovered a ‘false flag op’ was diverted by the Russian strike “on a Shopping Mall” in Kremenchuk. Even that bit of bumpff started taking hits almost immediately which made it seem as time passed, like hyperexcitement over a very little Russian strike on an adjacent fasctory/storage complex..

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