The ‘Necessary Myth’ Is Bad for America and the World

Like every other self-flattering story that empires tell about themselves, this one is also a lie

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Tom McTague praises America’s “necessary myth”:

The dumb simplicity of America’s interventions is often infuriating and obtuse, or even disastrously naive and destructive. It exists in people like Neal and Holbrooke, Bush and Biden. And yet if America stops believing in its myth, if it scurries back into the safety of its continental bunker, having decided it is now just another normal nation, then a cold wind might start to blow in places that have become complacent in their security. When the dumb simplicity is removed, the complexities of the world start growing back.

This is what Ukraine fears and others in Europe expect. In the end, though, what really matters is which story America believes, and for how long.

The myth that McTague is referring to is essentially the belief that U.S. dominance is good for the world, and that the US acts for the good of the world as it acts in its own interests. As he puts it, “America believes that it is a superpower, but an anti-imperial one, founded in opposition to arbitrary force, monarchy, foreign domination, and the like. Its supremacy, unlike other imperial powers, is good for everyone.” Like every other self-flattering story that empires tell about themselves, this one is also a lie. Whatever else one wants to say about US foreign policy over the last seventy-seven years, one cannot call it anti-imperial. It has certainly not been good for everyone, and one can argue that the pursuit of what Stephen Wertheim calls “armed primacy” has frequently been very bad for the United States and the rest of the world.

The US should absolutely reject the “idea that convinces US leaders that they never oppress, only liberate, and that their interventions can never be a threat to nearby powers.” We should all reject it because that idea is false and dangerous, and ultimately nothing good can come from something so much at odds with reality. As McTague acknowledges, this bad idea “lies at the core of its most costly foreign-policy miscalculations” when the US projects its own desires and interests onto other nations and then acts surprised when they have their own very different preferences and interests. It isn’t possible to conduct a competent and constructive foreign policy if our policymakers keep making these errors, and they make these errors at least in part because they believe in this false idea. The myth may keep the US actively meddling in the world, but that isn’t doing our country or the world any favors.

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6 thoughts on “The ‘Necessary Myth’ Is Bad for America and the World”

  1. That was an excellent article by Daniel Larison. Tom McTague praises America’s necessary myth. In schools, we are taught the USA is the good guy and its enemies are the bad guys and that democracies don’t start unprovoked wars and that authoritarian regimes are power hungry nations that build empires if they’re powerful enough to do it.
    During the Gulf War, the US & UK were democracies while Iraq was not. Iraq did nothing to the US nor UK. They attacked Iraq, established No-Fly-Zones and bombed Iraq from there after the Gulf War ended and before the Iraq War started.
    Afghanistan was not a democracy under the Taliban. It was not responsible for 9/11 and the US and many other nations went to war with Afghanistan. Bush and Blair lied about Iraq having WMD’s and being involved in 9/11. Obama and Clinton lied about genocide in Libya, Obama withdrew from Iraq only to go back there along with a war in Syria. The nations did nothing to the US, UK nor France.

  2. Feel good story of the day.

    July 06 2022 Syrian troops and civilians chase away US occupation convoy in Hasakah

    Discontent against the illegal presence of US troops in Syria is growing, as the US continues to steal Syria’s natural resources and provide training for extremist armed groups.

  3. Since America’s “glorious” War in Vietnam, the USA has never stopped dropping Bombs, distributing Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and American Democracy 🤣

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