Roger Waters on War, Peace, and Music

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters spoke to a webinar today. It was hosted by World BEYOND War with Todd Pierce and David Swanson moderating.

It was sponsored by
Project for the Study of American Militarism
World BEYOND War
Women Against Military Madness
Veterans For Peace
Andy Worthington
Just Peace Advocates/Mouvement Pour Une Paix Juste
Canadian BDS Coalition
Twin Cities Assange Defense
Canadian Foreign Policy Institute
DC Action for Assange

5 thoughts on “Roger Waters on War, Peace, and Music”

  1. Roger Waters did the right thing. I wish Waters would convince people including liberals to protest Biden’s foreign and domestic policies and form a real antiwar party, a party that is antiwar no matter who is in charge, a party that will end wars, bases abroad and expand trade with other nations and remove sanctions and end coups against leaders even if they are considered unsuitable to the US and its allies.

    1. Good luck, democrats are the new war party and their foreign policy is a disaster to anyone that doesn’t have a stake in the arms industry.

  2. wow roger waters “how dare you uncle sam and israel, how dare you! – i will officially boycott the both of you!”

    yeah take that uncle sam, you bastard.

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