Conflicts of Interest: Biden Approves 18th Weapons Package for Ukraine

On COI #314, Kyle Anzalone discusses the latest news about the war in Ukraine, Iran nuclear deal negotiations and the Israeli occupation.

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10 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden Approves 18th Weapons Package for Ukraine”

  1. Running against this economically ruinous war in the elections is easy money just lying on the table. Who will pick it up? The left or the right?

    1. We were spending $100 billion a year on Afghanistan for absolutely no return. So spending $40 billion for a year or two to remove Russia as a major military power is frankly a bargain.

      1. You are never going to remove Russia as a military power, as Hitler discovered. But you will remove the USA as an economic power and a democracy.

        1. I would point out again that the spend $40 billion to mess up Russia is under 1/2 of what we spent to achieve nothing in Afghanistan. We can keep this up for a good long time. Russia is being removed as a military power, they have nukes and that is it, their population is in decline, in addition to low birth rate there is significant out migration. Their economy relative to the EU is tiny. Putin put his foot in it with this Ukraine thing.

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