Free Julian Assange Video

This new video showcases the song Free Julian Assange, by Francisco Herrera with lyrics by Dennis Bernstein.

The song was initially produced for a rally and demonstration in the San Francisco Bay Area. The event will be on October 8.

The video can be seen here. YouTube has labeled it as “age-restricted” so you must click on the words “Watch on YouTube” following the warning.

A professional recording can be listened to and downloaded here.

6 thoughts on “Free Julian Assange Video”

  1. Julian Assange should be freed, Joe Biden, Lizard Truss Boris Johnson should go to the ICC. I’d rather have AMLO as our POTUS than Biden.

    1. “I’d rather have AMLO as our POTUS than Biden.”

      I don’t know if it’s his dementia making him more manipulable by the people who actually hold power, but lately Biden has become uniformly tyrannical. He is quickly becoming one of my most disliked presidents ever, and because of some of the turkeys we’ve had recently, that is pretty hard to achieve.

      1. What Biden has in common with George Warmonger Bush is that he is tyrannical and what he has in common with the late Ronald Reagan is that he has dementia.
        Liberals made fun of Reagan for having dementia.

        1. “Liberals made fun of Reagan for having dementia.”

          I try not to make fun of anyone with dementia, even despicable tyrants, as I turn 65 on Tuesday, and perhaps am showing signs of developing that condition myself (my short term memory is declining precipitously).

          While Reagan was a big disappointment to me in terms of his campaign rhetoric vs actual policies, I did feel for him at the time, and I do not wish ill on Biden either. I am just observing that the universal qualifier for being president seems to be being able to be manipulated by those actually giving the orders.

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