Why Are Progressive Dems Supporting US Proxy War Against Russia?

Russia’s February 24 invasion was an unnecessary, criminal war.

But so was America’s 14 year campaign to weaken Russia through proxy war.

How? By encouraging NATO membership for Ukraine since back in 2008. Worse, by helping Ukrainian ultranationalists depose Russian friendly Ukraine president Victor Yanukovych in 2014. The latter crime ignited a civil war in the Donbas against Russian speaking Ukrainians. 14,000 lay dead with thousands of Ukraine’s best soldiers ready to finish off the Donbas this spring before Russia said enough and attacked. Doesn’t justify Russia’s war…just explains it.

After 215 days and upwards of a hundred thousand casualties, there is no end in view. That is because the US and its NATO followers are obsessed with continuing the war till Russia is vanquished, regardless of how many Ukrainians, but nary an American, must die in the quest. $60 billion in US treasure continues the war indefinitely when negotiations between Russia and Ukraine brokered by NATO member Turkey had potential to end the war in the first month. US and UK emissaries hurried to Kyiv in April to disabuse Ukraine president Zelensky of any notion to settle. And he didn’t.

While the current US proxy war against Russia is horrifying, progressive support in Congress to continue the war is perplexing as well as horrifying. The entire Democratic congressional delegation remains in lockstep with Biden to not only weaponize Ukraine, but provide intelligence and logistical support for endless war. Even peace loving Bernie Sanders caved to the war party. The only pushback is from a minority of Republicans whose political interest appears solely to oppose Biden in what should be bipartisan opposition. Republicans cast all 68 votes for the recent $40 billion in weapons for Ukraine. Had a Republican president been pushing this senseless proxy war, they would be all in.

Democrats in Congress know the truth but are too weak; indeed cowardly, to break ranks, fearing they might weaken Democratic chances to retain the Congress November 8. But they are out of step with a growing number of Americans who recognize the Russo Ukraine war as possibly the next trillion dollar squandering of US treasure on an unnecessary and unwinnable war.

That brings me to my progressive Democratic colleagues, many of whom swallow whole US pro war propaganda which has falsely pitched the war as do or die for rules bases world order versus tyranny. They either refuse to do the research required to know the truth, or simply dismiss it to remain loyal to the Democratic agenda in foreign policy which promotes endless war in the Middle East, Africa and now Europe. Even the specter of nuclear confrontation with Russia does not persuade them to promote a negotiated settlement, the only way this war may end without either or both sides resorting to nukes.

Promoting peace over war in Ukraine is a winning strategy for the upcoming election. Increasing numbers of Americans and Western Europeans want out of endless war jeopardizing their economic future.

More importantly, promoting negotiations over weapons to achieve peace will save Ukrainian and Russian lives…and possibly avert nuclear war. Every progressive Democrat should support this goal in Ukraine and around the world.

Supporting progressive causes and casting progressive votes on domestic issues while promoting peaceful solutions to horrendous wars or potential new wars are not mutually exclusive. When will progressive Democrats learn to do both?

Walt Zlotow became involved in antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs. He blogs daily on antiwar and other issues at www.heartlandprogressive.blogspot.com.

18 thoughts on “Why Are Progressive Dems Supporting US Proxy War Against Russia?”

  1. That the 68 Republican votes is purely partisan is worse than an assumption for which there is no evidence. It is biased in the extreme – and old.
    To begin with, libertarians like Tom Massie and Rand Paul are principled anti-interventionists who follow (sometimes inconsistently) the same anti-interventionist policies as Ron Paul. And others reflect a growing anti-interventionist sentiment growing at the grass roots in the Republican Party.

  2. A new seven facet government structure will rise from the ashes of capitalist representative democracies like a phoenix from the ashes. Its diagram looks like a flower with six petals and is planted by cosmic powered biology evolving at an accelerating rate that matches Cosmos expanding at an accelerating rate.

    Progressive democratic party war mongers are myopic ego maniacal pop farts attempting to manage Cosmos.

  3. W0W. Feel like a voice in the wilderness here. Letting Ukraine join NATO is a step toward nuclear WWIII. Countries that join NATO must comply with its wishes and putting U.S. nuclear missiles on Russias border will follow which would give U.S. NATO a first strike opportunity on Russia. If we don’t want a nuclear WWIII we better be sure that WE do not allow any situation to occur which gives the U.S & NATO or the Russians either, any first strike advantage. With U.S, generals talking about how to “WIN” a nuclear war by being less damaged than the other side. So if the unthinkable were to happen, then these generals would call it a win, if we only lost 60 U.S. major cities and only 3 to 6 million dead because the Russians lost 75 cities and 12 to 18 million dead….. This IS NOT SANE THINKING, Too many in our military are after the BIG WIN, EVEN IF IT LEAVES THEM OR THEIR FAMILIES AMONG THE VICTIMS, along with YOU & I …!!!!

  4. You forgot to mention that democrats are blood soaked fascist trash. Which makes it hard for them to be progressive.

  5. I didn’t want to discuss Ukraine at all with a progressive/life-long democratic operative. She didn’t stop. She couldn’t stop. Her arguments had Russia-gate/Putin is buddies with Trump as the main reason. She finally revealed her motive. She wanted me to vote for democrats. Really? I had to leave the room. But what did I expect? I’m afraid people on the other side of the spectrum are applying logic like zombies as well.

  6. The Dems want to punish Russia for abandoning communism, andddddd, it’s all about the Benjamin’s bay-beeee!!!!

  7. People who blame Putin for his “unnecessary” and “criminal” invasion never say what else he should have done instead. He tried diplomacy for years. The U.S. and NATO laughed in his face. By the time he invade, there were ukrainian and NATO forces building up on his border ready to annihilate the Russian speakers in eastern ukraine. U.S./NATO was shipping in weapons by the billions. There would very likely be nuclear weapons in ukraine. Just how much longer was he supposed to tolerate the situation? It was Biden himself during the Iraq build-up who said that the threat need not be “imminent” to invade, but the threat to Russia and the Donbas was about as imminent as it gets. So should Putin have just continued to sit there and let the U.S./NATO steamroll his country and balkanize it like they have long and often talked of doing?

    1. Somebody needs to dig up Cheney’s “1% doctrine” and throw it up on the screen. That the same country that esposued it is bashing the Russians on Ukraine is ridiculous.

  8. Seek Walt,who I think is a good guy reguardless of how you personally poltically identify, out & his blog (which I unfortunately found a error in section to comment on.)
    This week in Peace advocacy news.
    Mexico Proposes UN Caucus For Peace In Ukraine
    “Mexican President Manuel Andres Lopez Obrador is proposing “a caucus of heads of state and governments to encourage and accompany the Secretary General’s efforts to promote confidence-building measures between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.”. I call that progress.

  9. They are not progressives, but the stole the label. The Democratic party must be cast into the dustbin of history. it has become an up-yours to the people, evil warmongering institution, since Clinton! I once thought Democrats were snookered when the supported W’s lies, I now realize they voted for his lies on purpose, because it is what they stand for. War and the Wealthy,

  10. Used to vote democrat, but now it will be strictly local issues. The national democratic party has drunk the koolaid and have exposed themselves as representatives for the war industry.
    As for the president and his farcical appointments to the state department, either he’s completely lost his marbles, or he’s taking refuge in the cold war where he cut his teeth, because it’s the only thing left to him where he can appear remotely coherent.

  11. Some democrats put “progressive” in front of their names to try to bullsh*t people into believing they are different from your run of the mill democrats.

  12. Don’t they realize that although Russia is Christian country, abortion is readily available?? I am being facetious–’cause I watch people combine crazy mixtures and motives together.

    Democrats have successfully combined Trump Derangement Syndrome with Putin-Russophobia.

    Trump said that good US-Russia relations would be good for the USA (and the World). The neocons/neolibs grabbed that statement and then turned Putin/Trump into their perfect boogie man.

    For my part, I distrust and looks askew at all politicians.
    None of them are statesman, intellectuals or leaders.

  13. The U.S. and Russia have been fighting “proxy wars” for at least the last 80 years, and all to varying degrees.

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