Katie Halper and Aaron Maté inteview Dr. Benjamin Abelow, author of How the West Brought War to Ukraine

Katie Halper and Aaron Maté at Useful Idiots interview Dr. Benjamin Abelow, author of How the West Brought War to Ukraine: Understanding How U.S. and NATO Policies Led to Crisis, War, and the Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe

Researcher and writer Dr. Ben Abelow, a scholar who lobbied Congress on nuclear arms policy, joins Useful Idiots to explain, as his new book argues, how the west brought war to Ukraine.

(video is cued to 13:45, the start of Abelow’s interview, but the opening of the show is very entertaining too)

“The goal of the US,” Abelow says, “is not to save Ukrainians but to degrade Russia’s military until they won’t be able to fight in the future. And while some say stopping Russia is a humanitarian goal, the way one would degrade Russia’s military is to keep an extended war going and fight to the last Ukrainian.”

Abelow analyzes the history of this cold war, the aggression by each side, and the hypocrisy of the argument that Ukraine has a sacrosanct right to join NATO.

“The right to join NATO is the right to place a western military arsenal on Russia’s border. If Russia made a military alliance with Canada or Mexico, US leaders would not be talking about their right to do so.”

And on this week’s news of Putin announcing military escalation and giving a thinly-veiled threat of nuclear war, Dr. Abelow warns:

“I hope it’s taken seriously.”

These are scary times. So buckle up, cook some Nyquil chicken, and get ready for this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out now.

6 thoughts on “Katie Halper and Aaron Maté inteview Dr. Benjamin Abelow, author of How the West Brought War to Ukraine

  1. How things got to where they are is well known. The best of the best,most intelligent ones in D.C. do not have a clue as to how WE can extricate from things. Russia can slowly turn Ukraine into chum, let EU freeze, become partners with countries in Asia. Military admission of U.S. spy planes cruising over Russian territory does not make me feel safe: https://libertarianinstitute.org/news/white-house-increasing-surveillance-of-russian-enclave-as-nuclear-tensions-heighten/

    1. “How things got to where they are now is well known”
      Yup. And there are gazillions of neo-con hillbillies who will go ballistic if you suggest this is anything but evil Russkie aggression. AND TRUMP WOULD HAVE SAVED US!!!!… or something..
      The best, of the best, of the best, Sir, got us on this train to ‘ell.

      While we proles get to watch this tragedy-comedy horror show orchestrated by the chronically insane, and criminally stupid push us into a world wide suicide.

      Fook it, got my lawn chair, hoist a pint, and watch Montana glow brightly on the Southern horizon, melting into the North American plate. Had a good run…
      …at least I won’t have to mow the fcccing lawn again…

  2. The US’s goal is t0 degrade Russia’s military until it can’t fight anymore. The US doesn’t think its forever wars and drone strikes will degrade its military until it can’t fight anymore.

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