Jeffrey Sachs: ‘We Are on a Path of Escalation to Nuclear War, Nothing Less’

Columbia university economics professor Jeffrey D. Sachs appeared on Bloomberg Radio on Monday (October 3). His comments on the Nord Stream sabotage during this interview have been widely reported, but his full interview (8.5 minutes) is worth watching.

19 thoughts on “Jeffrey Sachs: ‘We Are on a Path of Escalation to Nuclear War, Nothing Less’”

  1. Always remember the U.S. is the only country to nuke another!

    Aug 30, 2022 US sends Ukraine $228 million per day in military aid to wage proxy war on Russia

    The Joe Biden administration pledged Ukraine $39.87 billion in military aid between February and August 2022, for an average of $228 million per day, fueling a brutal proxy war causing tens of thousands of deaths.

    1. So what is your solutions? Let Russia run all over Ukraine, killings as many Ukrainian civilians as they feel like. With or without US aid, there would be tens of thousands deaths. The difference is that with US aid the Russians are dying also, not just Ukrainians.

      1. This is easy. Mind our own damn business for a change. This only happen because of the stupidity of Biden and Johnson.

        I’ve had enough with idiots playing Risk!

        1. And Clinton, and Bush, and Obama, and Trump. A long list of stupid people. Intelligent, but stupid.

        1. That’s a great idea. The US has been meddling in other nations’ affairs for hundreds of years. Under W, Obama and Biden, Russia waged wars in Georgia and Ukraine but not under Trump.
          Ukraine persecutes the peoples in the Russian speaking regions and that’s why they want to join Russia.

          1. Thanks friend and I hope life has been well. This is one of my favorite channels.

            Aug 8, 2022 Roger Waters on War, Peace, and Music

            A webinar hosted by World BEYOND War on August 8, 2022, with Todd Pierce and David Swanson moderating.


          2. Trump contributed. He even brags about it:

            Trump said that while he was giving ‘anti-tank busters’ to Ukraine, Presidents Obama and Biden gave ‘blankets,’ referring to humanitarian aid.

            ‘The Fake News Media refuses to report that I was the one who very early and strongly gave the anti-tank busters (Javelins) to Ukraine, while Obama/Biden was giving blankets, to great and open complaints,’ he said in a statement.”

            “Then Biden came in, and canceled the remaining military equipment that was packed, loaded, and ready to be shipped. Now the Fake News Media is trying to say that Trump gave Ukraine nothing and it was Biden who is their great friend and gave them weaponry. The dishonesty is so unbelievable. All I can do is report it!”

            And he was fine with war, just as long as we don’t pay for it:

            “We were being taken advantage of by Europe,” Trump said. “If you look at Ukraine now, we have so far given $60 billion to Ukraine. Well, the European countries, who are obviously more affected than us, have given a tiny fraction of that number.”

            Trump said he would have made Europe pay for Russia’s war on Ukraine.

            “I could have gone over there and say, ‘Listen, you’re going to put up the same money or more money than us, and they would have done it gladly, but we just give money out.”

          3. Trump believes in spending money when other nations spend that money and when he spends money on outrageous things like his billionaire lifestyle and spreading misinformation. He believes in misinformation when he is the one spreading it like wildfire.

          4. Trump was still committing real estate fraud at the time. Trump also helped arm Ukraine. It was a work in progress to get the war we have wanted since WWII in order to be The Hegemon. Patton was all for attacking the Soviet Union while it was in a weakened state. Other major officer were all in on the idea. I firmly believe Patton was murdered to stop the madness.

      2. The US refused the other solution, diplomacy. Even stopped it in April. But your take on the deaths coming from both sides as somehow being something that should be applauded is disturbing.

      3. Minsk 1, Minsk 2, and the scrapped agreement Zelensky negotiated with Russia in the early days of the invasion were all viable alternatives.
        Without US interference, the scrapped agreement would have been implemented and the tens of thousands of deaths you mention would not have occurred.

    1. Shifting alliances have often caused war.

      In any case, this war began in 2014 with the fascist coup engineered and celebrated by the US and the civil war that resulted.

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