Conflicts of Interest: Cowards in Congress

On COI #341, Kyle Anzalone discusses Congressional Progressives pulling a letter that called for Joe Biden to engage in talk.

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17 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Cowards in Congress”

  1. We have a senile president running amok with nuclear power and not any democrats to stop the crazy man All around him are as crazy and irresponsible and morally bankrupt as he is.
    To think, the so-called progressives did not have enough spine to back up suggesting negotiations to stop the killing and miseries that come with war.
    They withdrew a very timid letter. They don’t have what it takes to lead and govern. They are morally and intellectually corrupt officials, who only care about their paychecks. Why bother to vote for such people?
    I don’t, I had enough of this. This Democracy is really a joke.

    1. Members of The Squad are not progressive, and they clearly showed that a while ago when they refused to implement Jimmy Dore’s Force the Vote action. The main job of The Squad is to sheep herd progressives into the Democratic Party where they are neutered. The Progressive Caucus is not progressive either. These caucuses are mainly social clubs for members of Congress, as Raúl Grijalva admitted on Democracy Now! when that show used to be worth watching. I’ve been registered Green for decades, and I refuse to vote for any Democrat or Republican regardless of who they’re running against.

      As if that weren’t bad enough, the U.S. electoral system is totally corrupt and unrepresentative. Proportional representation needs to replace winner-take-all, all private campaign contributions need to be eliminated and replaced with public funding in equal amounts for all candidates, and all candidates need to be provided with equal free TV time. Then maybe our system could approximate something that’s actually representative.

      Conclusion: We’re not going to get any substantial positive change by voting. As the saying goes, if voting actually accomplished anything, it would be outlawed. That’s why corporate/establishment/mainstream media is now filled with messages urging people to vote; let’s distract them with something that won’t accomplish anything.

      1. All you said in your 2nd paragraph they know and they know why they do not want real democracy.
        This was an easy war to avoid if Biden had the will to avoid it., Ukraine could have been a neutral and prospering country, Russia was ready for it, the MINSK AGREEMENTS were the beginning.
        The Greens could be a great opposition party in a parliament, but in Germany they are the biggest disappointment, they flipped and turned in the biggest war party.

        1. The root cause of the war in Ukraine — which was started by Ukraine in 2014 BTW, not by Russia’s invasion — was the U.S. refusing to disband NATO after the Soviet Union disbanded. Sure, Biden might have been able to avoid the Russian invasion by assuring Russia that Ukraine would never be admitted into NATO and by getting Ukraine to abide by the Minsk 2 agreement, but the U.S. started all this decades ago. There are documents coming out now that seem to show that the U.S. wanted Russia to invade Ukraine and had been planning this for years. The evil of U.S. leaders, both elected and others including the deep state, knows no bounds.

          The Green Party sold out decades ago, but what else is there in the U.S.? I’m an environmentalist first and foremost, and the supposed Green Party is all I’ve got. At this point voting Green is more of a protest vote than anything. I constantly toy with the idea of giving up voting for candidates altogether, though I’d still vote for & against ballot propositions.

      2. You are right, proportional representation needs to replace the winner take all. And no lobbying for at least 3-5 years after the end of office. Also a term limit, no more than say 18 years or less in office.
        Young people are idealistic but over time money and power corrupts.
        When the Greens in Germany established the party they were young and idealistic, now, a few generations later and in power they are a disaster and much like the Social Democrats and our Democrats they forget who their constituents are.

        1. “Also a term limit, no more than say 18 years or less in office.”

          Way, way too long. One 5-year term for all.

          1. I don’t have a problem with term limits, but they really don’t seem to be a corrective for corruption.

            On one hand, spending forever in office allows one to build networks of corruption over time. On the other hand, if you’ve only got five years, then the incentive is just to collect brown paper bags full of cash as fast as possible instead of slow-walking it. And in my experience with term limits in Missouri, what happens is that as each politician maxes out and moves on, they are followed in by a spouse, child, or protege.

          2. The nation needs a real debate concerning this issue. The system needs reform, big reforms, the people have to do it, the officials like the benefits they allowed themselves, even the ethics board is a toothless dog.

          3. I was just dreaming. My dream included that power doesn’t corrupt and people would actually want to serve for noble reasons.

          4. That’s because our society is so rotten. Most people obsess on money and material things, so the politicians do also, because guess where they come from.

          5. You are right, but we should be able to keep experienced quality people in office too, what about 8 or 10 years?

          6. I think the vast majority are corrupted by the time they have served 8 to 10 years. I actually think 5 years is a stretch. We are greedy bastards by nature it would seem.

          7. True, all we can do is make the best of it. We can vote them out when the term ends, people just don’t do it.

        2. I don’t like term limits, they’re undemocratic. Term limits were invented because the establishment didn’t want anyone like FDR again, who would have been in the White House another 20 years if he weren’t in bad health. But that said, a long term limit like you suggested might be OK. I agree about young people being idealistic, and they haven’t sold out yet like most older people do.

  2. These people are not actually progressive. If they were, they’d have voted against sending weapons to Ukraine. Real progressives don’t support war for any reason.

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