Conflicts of Interest: Biden White House Admits Iran Isn’t Seeking Nukes

On COI #345, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman break down the critical admission by the White House that Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons, the latest escalations with North Korea, and Elon Musk’s cozy relationship with the Pentagon.

President Joe Biden’s special envoy for Iran, Robert Malley, has said Washington will no longer “waste its time” on the JCPOA talks. This puts the nail in the coffin of the already de facto dead negotiations. Saudi Arabia is claiming without evidence that Tehran is preparing an attack against the Kingdom, which has increased regional tensions. The Iranians will send a delegation to Vienna to have talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency aimed at resolving the uranium traces issue, and hopefully increasing cooperation and mutual understanding. has a major scoop on how within the recently released Nuclear Posture Review, as well as the Pentagon’s new National Defense Strategy, Biden’s White House admits that Tehran is not seeking nuclear weapons and that there is no evidence they have made a decision to pursue a bomb.

This week, Pyongyang carried out large-scale military exercises as Washington and Seoul conducted record-setting aerial war games, unleashing 23 missiles and over 100 artillery rounds before launching additional munitions on Thursday.

Amid ever escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the State Department has demanded the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and declared that Washington will never accept Pyongyang as a nuclear weapons state. This comes as the State Department recently threatened Washington would nuke North Korea in defense of its allies.

America’s top military officer General Mark Milley praised SpaceX CEO Elon Musk by name at an event hosted by the Space Force, saying the ‘Chief Twit’ exemplifies ”the civil and military cooperation and teamwork that makes the US the most powerful country in space.”

SpaceX regularly contracts with the Pentagon and some allied militaries to launch satellites, and has notably aided the White House’s proxy war in Ukraine.

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4 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden White House Admits Iran Isn’t Seeking Nukes”

  1. How else can the US punish the Iranians for having a government we disapprove of and cannot control or blackmail if we can’t continue to bury their population under our sanctions?
    Opting out of the P5+1 frees us up to punish the Iranians into perpetuity. We’ll show those Mullahs who’s in charge! USA!

  2. This will be like Iraq and how we changed looking for WMD’s to setting the Iraqi’s free. Now the sanctions will ALL be for behavior modification.

  3. Now that Biden admits Iran is not building nukes, he should convince Israel as well as Saudi Arabia to shut up and hold its horses. He of course won’t do that and they of course would not listen to him if he did. Iran has no plans to attack either country and both of them are telling the same lies that Colin Powell told at the UN about Iraq threatening world peace with WMD’s and being involved in 9/11.

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