10 thoughts on “CNN Banned From Ukraine After Showing N@zi Salute”

  1. CNN was banned from Ukraine for showing the Nazi salute. Maybe, I should go back to watching that channel.

    1. I realize that you were being facetious, but I wouldn’t get too excited because they allowed a second of truth to leak out. Good propaganda includes a little truth, sometimes even more than a little.

      1. Exactly. This is innoculation. And is framed as something not worth bothering with.
        So, dethb squuads can go about doing their business and in the fog of war it is easier to maje prople disspoear, or force to flee.

        What a story and no Wonderful West cares a jot,

  2. While the Nazis are a small minority in Ukraine, they wield a lot of power there. Everyone is afraid of them because they’re the most aggressive and violent people in Ukraine, they’ve said openly that they like to fight & kill and don’t care if they die, and they carry out their threats against politicians. Russia is right to want to de-nazify Ukraine, though I don’t know whether that’s possible.

    1. Z is most definitely afraid. The man is in a vise between the NAZIs and us. Not an enviable position to be in.

      1. Zelensky totally wimped out. He’s been portrayed as some brave guy for staying in Kiev after Russia invaded, but that’s just propaganda (the lie that he’s brave, not the fact that he stayed in Kiev). He ran as a peace candidate, and we saw how long that lasted. Like every other politician in Ukraine, he cowers in front of the Nazis.

    2. They also take property from anyone they hate, wrong nationality or just covet a business.
      An elderly Ukrainian couple I know stayed here with familly and decided to go home. They do not want their home to be occupied illegally. Cannot get them out, and if they leave they take everything and kitchen sink litterally and sell on black market. Wars bring best in oeople and worst in people.

  3. Our freedom-loving, opposition-banning, Nazi-saluting Ukrainian freedom fighter friends…

    God, the friends we keep….$100 billion to support these people, sickening.

    1. It’s not just friends of the U.S. The U.S. brought high ranking military and intelligence officers here from Germany after WWII.

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