Conflicts of Interest: An Early Look at Ron DeSantis’ Foreign Policy

On COI #353, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover recent escalations against China, North Korea, and Iran.

Kyle breaks down Kamala Harris’ Philippines trip including her provocative display onboard a coast guard ship at Palawan, an island province with a coast on the disputed South China Sea. Harris made hawkish statements and threats against China, promising to further entrench Washington’s southeast Asian military footprint.

Kyle also updates the tense situation on the Korean peninsula, discussing Pyongyang’s latest ICBM test as well as massive shows of force carried out by South Korean and American warplanes.

Connor talks about the baseless claims, made by Israel and the US, that Iran was behind a drone attack on a tanker off the coast of Oman and how its being used to bolster increased intervention in the region.

Connor also analyzes the latest IAEA Board of Governors’ censure against Tehran and the neoconservative, anti-Iran policies supported by Ron DeSantis.

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7 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: An Early Look at Ron DeSantis’ Foreign Policy”

  1. He did say this:

    When John Bolton was named National Security Advisor, DeSantis praised the choice: “John Bolton, it’s a very strong voice, very clear thinker.”

    So, for some odd reason, that scares me.

    1. There is nothing odd about feeling that way. Bolton is one evil SOB, chortling over the “shock and awe” performed against Iraq, a country that could not adequately defend itself. The irony is he avoided military service in Vietnam, seeking refuge in his student deferment and signing up with the National Guard. His words:
      “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy. I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.” Only a SOB would desire military conflict which would see young American soldiers die.

  2. I watched a You Tube video about DeSantis at Guantanamo Bay and he supported torture of the prisoners there.
    Israel and the US tell lie after lie about Iran doing things that the US and Israel do and more.
    Harris is very hawkish like Joe Biden, they focus on foreign policy because they can’t handle domestic policy.

    1. That is the key statement about Joe. He feels that throwing money at domestic policy is the plan, rather than planning. Same for his hawkish views. With his aviator glasses on, he resembles, to me, a brutish killer in other countries (that we finance). I don’t think he has a clue. Obama said it best when he famously said this about Joe: “never underestimate the ability of Joe to f*ck things up”.

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