FBI Plays Central Role In Twitter’s Election Manipulation Operation

On Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

As the threads of “Twittergate” continue to unravel, one common theme continues to be the role of the FBI – both current and former members – in the scandal. From phony Russiagate to suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop just before the election, the FBI is front and center in the operation. Also today: Are weapons for Ukraine surfacing in west Africa?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “FBI Plays Central Role In Twitter’s Election Manipulation Operation”

  1. One of the FBI’s main missions is to keep radicals and progressives from getting elected (not that anyone who was effected by Russiagate or the laptop scandal was radical or progressive). Either the FBI said this openly, or it was revealed by a leaked document, but either way it remains a fact. This illegitimate government agency needs to be disbanded, just like the CIA, DIA, and NSA. If any or all of those agencies are truly needed for legitimate purposes (i.e., not colonial or imperial), they can be re-formed with total oversight from Congress and no black budgets or secret operations.

    1. Twitter and other social media should also be disbanded and Elon Musk can live in a colony on Mars.

      1. Why do you say that about social media? If your concern is about censorship, I agree. But in the context of modern society, social media can be a great way to communicate to a lot of people. As a radical environmentalist I oppose industrial society, but in the context of it social media is fine with me, it just shouldn’t be censored.

        As to Musk and space travel: All good environmentalists should make one of our goals keeping humans on Earth. Humans have wrecked this planet, they don’t get to wreck another one. Furthermore, if humans delusionally believe that they can just wreck the Earth and move to another planet, they won’t stop wrecking this one (they may not stop anyway, but why give them another reason not to stop?).

        1. Social media should be disbanded because there is a lot of cyber bullying going on especially among kids and teens. When you are on social media, there are a lot more people that know you than there are people you know.
          If most people can never live on Mars, it would be great for Elon to live there by himself and fade into obscurity.

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