US Patriot Missiles to Ukraine: Game Changer or Nuclear War?

On Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Yesterday CNN reported that the Biden administration has decided on a significant escalation in Ukraine: providing Kiev with the most advanced US missile defense system, the Patriot Missile system. The missiles have a longer range and a much higher price tag. Russia has vowed to take them out if deployed in Ukraine. Will NATO troops be operating the complex systems? If so…then what?

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7 thoughts on “US Patriot Missiles to Ukraine: Game Changer or Nuclear War?”

  1. Well surely there are other choices here? Me I think not a game changer, but makes things a little bit more difficult for the Russians. We may find out it isn’t that good, which would be a bit embarrassing. It is a golden opportunity to test this gear against real live Russians, I think all arms companies are rushing in to test the latest gear.

    1. Its a 2 edged sword, it is also a good way to develop and test tactics to mitigate and counter the system as well.

      1. Its probably junk!!! Why did Turkey refuse to buy it and get Russian 300.or 400 system & all the trouble it caused in NATO when they chose the “Enemy System”

    2. If the Ukis make it too hard for the Russians, they msy get a hard to accept answer in the form of some 21st century ordinance!!!!!! i.e. tacts!

  2. Then nothing, but more talk and maybe a few get deployed. But the minute their radar(s) are on, the Russians will know where they are and send some of their stealthy or hypersonic rockets to greert tham. Any personnel injured or snuffed will be a closely guarded sacret.

  3. This is why I follow Alexis Mercouris and The New Atlas on YouTube, so I get some perspective on these big flashy announcements that are used both by the pro-Biden side and then by a page like this one.

    Okay, perspective. The Patriot system requires 90 people to handle. Training takes at least six months, and that’s the bar minimum and doesn’t include any experience. The war in the east is already pretty much over for Ukraine, as they are losing Bakhmut right now, the lynchpin of their second and last defense line in western Donbass, where the main part of the fighting has been taking place. Six months from now there won’t be much war left to talk about.

    So, “game changer”? Ohh, ahh, exclamation point.

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