US Ukraine Aide Now Exceeds AFGHANISTAN, VIETNAM

Saagar Enjeti of Breaking Points breaks down the amazing numbers (adjusted for inflation).

31 thoughts on “US Ukraine Aide Now Exceeds AFGHANISTAN, VIETNAM”

  1. Thank you Biden for this quagmire,
    now you can properly join Bush in the war criminal category.

    1. He’ll be infinitely worse than Bush — actually, it was Cheney, who ran foreign policy under the Bush II administration and who’s way more evil than Bush — if this escalates into nuclear war with Russia, and it’s heading in that direction.

        1. Well sure, as president he’s ultimately responsible. But if Cheney weren’t there, this would have gone a totally different way. I place far more blame on someone who causes a problem than someone who just goes along with it.

          1. Normally, I would agree. but not when you’re the god damn president. It’s on him. Plus, Cheney wasn’t alone.

    2. The “quagmire” began with Clinton. One President after another pushed things to where they are today. Even Trump. Biden had the opportunity a year ago to be different, be a leader for peace. The MIC wagged its collective fingers at him, like, no, no Joe. The MIC is like the plant in The Little Shop of Horrors. FEED ME! Looking for a war so as to be fed.

      1. The big change for the worse in the Democratic Party began with Clinton. The big evil in the U.S. in modern times began with Reagan, worst president in my lifetime.

  2. This is some fishy accounting. We spent $100 billion a year for 20 years on Afghanistan which is about 2 trillion dollars. For that we got nothing, we lost, ignominious defeat. Here we are spending 40 billion a year 5% of our defense budget likely only for one more year and for that we take down the number 2 military in the world at the cost of no US killed. A bargain.

    1. Bargain? What exactly did Russia do to you to warrant such hatred? Go read the history, it was the US that expanded NATO to Russia’s border and stabbed them in the back at every turn.

      1. A couple of things, the whole program of foreign assassination is just not cool, either get better at it or don’t do it. The invasion of Ukraine wasn’t cool either. The worlds #1 military almost inevitably is going to be keeping an eye on the presumed #2 military.

        I do actually appreciate that when we were fooling around in the ME the Russians didn’t provide any aid to the Taliban which would have made our lives worse, and arguably they owed us a favor. Putin circa 2005 seemed to be OK it is this new Putin that seems to be trying to reassemble the old state through force that is problematic.

        I wish Russia and Russians well, in Russia, but honestly don’t invade your neighbors.

        1. Totally ridiculous response. The U.S. kills and otherwise assassinates exponentially more people than Russia could ever dream of killing. The U.S. clearly and strongly provoked Russia into invading Ukraine, regardless of whether you think that invasion was justified.

          The U.S. was “fooling around” in the Middle East? No, the U.S. was committing mass murder in the Middle East and destroying entire countries and societies. And this is not in the past tense as you put it, the U.S. is still doing it, as in its illegal occupation of Syria and theft of its oil.

          Your USA, USA! attitude has you blinded to reality. Either that, or you think that Americans are somehow special and should be allowed to make wars of empire around the world, and kill & destroy whoever & whatever they want. So which is it?

          1. I am against our interventions in the ME I am pretty strongly anti invasion. So this brings us to Russia and Ukraine. Russia invaded for “reasons” but I don’t care.

          2. So you “don’t care” that the U.S. illegitimately maintained NATO after the fall of the Soviet Union, that the U.S. defaulted on its agreement not to expand NATO east of unified Germany, that the U.S. has expanded NATO so far east that there are missiles within a few minutes striking distance from Moscow, that the U.S. fomented a coup in Ukraine that was led by Nazis, or that the U.S. supported those Nazis in their killing of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine? Well, tells where you’re coming from.

            To be clear, I also oppose Russia’s invasion, but solely because I’m anti-war. Other than the invasion, the U.S. is totally at fault here, not Russia, who legitimately considers the invasion to be a defensive maneuver.

          3. I felt at the time that NATO should have been disbanded, an actual “mission accomplished” on the other hand illegitimate is a bit strong. I also felt the EU and NATO expansion Eastward was a bit rash. Given than it still doesn’t justify Russias actions.

            Look I grant that Osama Bin Laden had a gripe, but his way of expressing himself was unacceptable.

          4. Totally false analogy. The U.S. proxy NATO was installing missiles that could reach Moscow in just a few minutes. Remember what happened when the Soviet Union put missiles in Cuba (which BTW was just a response to the U.S. putting missiles too close to the Soviet Union)?

            How do you justify NATO’s continued existence after the Soviet Union disbanded? NATO then became an offensive force and lost whatever legitimacy it may have had.

          5. That is a lie, no long range missiles have been installed in Ukraine, in fact the US is pretty careful about not giving the Ukrainians long range weapons. The attack mosquitos sure we did that

          6. I never said that the U.S. installed weapons in Ukraine. But they’ve been installed in countries that border Russia.

    2. The war started on Feb.24th. How are we only at $40 billion a year? Last I heard it’s $112 billion.

        1. It’s $112 billion in 10 months. No way around that. And if that $112 billion lasts until Feb. 24, 2024, that would still be $56 billion per year. My guess, it won’t.

      1. The war started in 2014 when the Nazis in Ukraine attacked the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. Russia entered the war, it didn’t start it.

        1. Actually, it got its real start as soon as the Cold War ended. And we spent billions before the invasion. But for this particular $112 billion, it’s been 10 months

          1. We’re talking about “war,” which means militaries fighting each other. The U.S. proceeded to immorally and otherwise wrongfully provoke Russia after the Soviet Union disbanded, but that’s not war.

    3. The level of immorality required in order to do a cost/benefit analysis — that prioritizes money regarding killing tens of thousands of people (so far) and destroying at least a major part of a society — is astounding. Was the film Dr. Strangelove actually about you?

    1. Someone should make a song out of that. There’s a song: “Every Breath You Take” and “Give Peace a Chance”.
      The money the politicians spend on war could be used for domestic programs and to save the environment.

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