Ben Friedman on Crashing the War Party: The World Will Survive if the US Stops Stationing Its Troops Everywhere

From Crashing the War Party:


The U.S. military has over 270,000 troops currently deployed across the globe, including in 17 countries that the public up until now didn’t even know about. Our guest this week, Ben Friedman, a senior analyst with Defense Priorities, takes on the Washington shibboleth that we couldn’t possibly start bringing any of those troops home — particularly the thousands in the Middle East and Europe — because they would leave “power vacuums.” He argues that even if there is a “security gap” left in our place, there are regional powers that can step into the breach. In the first segment, Daniel and Kelley talk about the demise of ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido of Venezuela.

4 thoughts on “Ben Friedman on Crashing the War Party: The World Will Survive if the US Stops Stationing Its Troops Everywhere”

  1. The world will survive if the US stops stationing its troops everywhere. US Troops everywhere are more likely to draw Russia and China closer and closer to war with the US and many of its allies.
    The US keeps moving its bases closer and closer to Russia and China and keeps expanding NATO Members which has caused the war in Ukraine and there is no end in sight any time soon.
    The US should also end its wars, coups and sanctions against poor nations. The US is lucky there is no nation far more powerful nor far richer than the US that would hurt 99% of the population with sanctions, start wars with it nor coups to replace POTUS.

  2. Do you think God is ignorant or fooling around here ? What if we make a deal with the Russians in order to save humanity and bring us to our senses. You know we trade New York for Moscow or any single city on either side, their choice, as a sacrifice, a wake up call, an example of what the future will be for all of us if we don’t change our ways. Do you think those monsters in either government will see the light?

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