Can We Prevent Nuclear War With Russia?

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Today, Russia holds the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Yet our U.S. Congress has approved over $112 billion to fund its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. There is no end in sight to this disastrous conflict. No peace talks are on the horizon, thanks to the covert and not-so-covert operations of the War Party.

Every day the Biden administration escalates US involvement. Recent reports suggesting that the US is helping Ukraine strike deep inside Russia, hitting air bases that house Russian strategic bombers.

For us at, this is the nightmare scenario we have warned against for decades. The War Party’s incessant meddling in Ukraine, as well as in other sovereign nations worldwide, has escalated tensions with Moscow to a fever pitch.

And things can get even worse as the Pentagon mulls sending extra troops to Ukraine in the name of "oversight." Readers of will surely remember the "military advisors" sent to Southeast Asia, who coincidentally were the first US troops involved in the shamefully long war in Vietnam. As US defense contractors sign off on multi-year deals, supplying Ukraine with high tech military equipment continuously, for a possible 10 years or more into the future, we at and you, our diligent Reader, know we have heard this one before. But now, the stakes are much higher, as this conflict could mean nuclear annihilation.

Today, the threat of war with Russia has never been so dire. Some nuclear weapons experts warn that the risk of nuclear war is higher now than at any time during the Cold War.

Many feel helpless as we careen toward World War III, but our only hope for real change is the continued timely, clear, and accurate revelation of true information to the public. This is the only way we have any hope of winning against the War Machine’s reckless policies and ceaseless propaganda. continues to be one of the most essential and widely-read foreign policy sites online. Every day, our small but dedicated staff search far and wide to find, vet, and share news and analysis that the mainstream media – and even some of the so-called "alternative media" – simply will not report.

2023 presents us with dire dangers. Yet the opportunities exist to expose the Truth, opening hearts and minds to change this perilous trajectory toward nuclear war. We must take these opportunities while we can – and you are the key factor in this mission.

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4 thoughts on “Can We Prevent Nuclear War With Russia?”

  1. Biden is moving us closer and closer to war with Russia by arming Ukraine and if he sends troops there, there will be clashes between US & Russian Troops. Russia and China should arm Syrians and Iraqis fighting the US on their territories.

  2. I tend to agree with Mike Whitney’s article over at Unz Review. Biden is being blackmailed with the documents scandal to get him to send U.S. troops to fight in Ukraine. The fact that this story is getting big play on all of the news media, not just FOX, is highly unusual.

  3. I am asking for everyone to chip in what they can! It can be a lot or it can be a little…. Peace is always possible but it needs all the help it can get. IT NEEDS US!

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