Again, A Personal Message From Roger Waters
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Here we go again. See my letter of a few months ago.

Well today, we are STILL standing on the edge of a precipice, staring into the SAME abyss. The end of all life on earth is STILL a very real possibility. The reins of power are STILL in the hands of the oligarchs and ideologues and they are STILL hell bent on the end of times. Make no mistake. This is STILL not a drill.

“The Powers That Be,” our “Masters,” the self appointed “Ruling Class” want to keep us squabbling, at each other’s throats, to be used us as cannon fodder in UKRAINE or slave labor elsewhere. When a great journalist and truth-teller like Julian Assange is imprisoned for sharing vital information, the time has come to man the barricades, to stand shoulder to shoulder with all our brothers and sisters all over the world in defense of our beautiful planet home.

As I told the audience on every night of my recent tour of the United States and Canada and Mexico and will tell my audiences in EUROPE this spring, we will never sell out. We, and here I include my brothers and sisters at ANTIWAR.COM, will keep speaking Truth to Power.

Will you stand with me and support ANTIWAR.COM today? Let’s remember what is important in this life. The time is now. This is not a drill.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters (co-founder of Pink Floyd) is offering $20,000 in matching funds, dollar for dollar, for every dollar of donation THIS WEEK.

We thank him, please take advantage of this generous offer.

4 thoughts on “Again, A Personal Message From Roger Waters
Join Me in Supporting!”

  1. David Graeber, “The ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make and could just as easily make differently.”

    Thank you for bringing art and intelligence to Canada’s Bandera heartland: Edmonton, OILberta, home of the worst climate crippling assholes.

    Rachael Carson, Silent Spring: “We now stand where two roads diverge. But unlike the roads in Robert Frost’s familiar poem, they are not equally fair. The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster. The other fork of the road—the one less traveled by—offers our last, our only chance to reach a destination that assures the preservation of the earth.”

    Plato, The Critas: “What now remains compared with what existed then is like the skeleton of a sick man, all the fat and soft earth wasted away and only the bare framework of the land left.”

    Laurie Garrett, The Coming Plague, 1994: “…The extraordinary, rapid growth of the Homo Sapiens population, coupled with its voracious appetite for planetary dominance and resource consumption, had put every measurable biological and chemical system on earth in a state of imbalance.

    Extinctions, toxic chemicals, greater background levels of nuclear and ionizing radiation, ultraviolet-light penetration of the atmosphere, global warming, wholesale devastations of ecospheres…something had to give. That something was Nature.

  2. I wish someone like Roger Waters would become POTUS. He is not a US Citizen and was born outside the US. Schwarzenegger was born in Austria and wants to amend the Constitution so he can run for POTUS, I would not want him to be POTUS. He is extreme on domestic and foreign affairs like GW Bush.

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