Who Was Really Behind the ‘Russian Disinformation’ Hoax?

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

The latest “Twitter Files” release was a bombshell, detailing how a group of neocons got together to falsify information about “Russian disinformation” in 2016 to demonize Donald Trump and help Hillary Clinton. It turns out there was election interference…but it wasn’t the Russians it was the neocons. Also today: warhawks exaggerating the China threat.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Who Was Really Behind the ‘Russian Disinformation’ Hoax?”

  1. Hillary Clinton said the Russians would rig the Democratic Primary in Tulsi Gabbard’s favor. Russia did not meddle in the election.
    I’m not surprised the Neocons rigged the election in Trump’s favor. If Netanyahu rigged the election, few Democrats would have the courage to say that.

    1. Except in case you have not noticed SHE was the Netanyahu’s choice. Trump was never trusted no matter what he gave and how much he groveled. There s a third rail in neocon politics — Russia. Neocon, neolib or neo-Trotskyite have one thing in common— hate of Russia. Change of ideology or narrative does not change it. Today, many beocons are trying on Trumpian idea of “America First” to portray all their positions as simething in “cold, hard American interest”. Masters of words.

      There was not a CHANCE that Trump was going to be allowed to have any understanding with Russia. Neocons and old school European financial class hatred of Russia have much in common. Their world view cannot shift.

      And particularly not now — when they feel at the cusp of success. They managed to force Russia to move into Ukraine, forcing it to a new strategic posture. They maaged to enfeeble Germany and deindustrialize in a short time frame.

      But are now alarmed by the shift of Saudi Gulf states into Russia-China orbit, and alarme at the level of committment both Russia and China made to Iran. Russia is number one investor. Gulf is slowly opening up to dialigue with Iran. And the rift between Israeli citzens of Soviet descent and others has come to a boiling point over legilatuve changes.

      Yes, they are in a quandry, after squandering many politicaly more advantageous positions US could have enjoyed vs Russia and China. Many more profitable and security-wise options. But no, all has to be sacrificed at the altar of necon obsession.

      Hopefully there are still some corners of US government and military not infysed by neocon zealotism andcwill take RAND study seriosly to shorten the war. Somehow I doubt it. Neicon ability to transform and shape shift is legendary. And their ability to generate noise and drama equally so.

      Who can resist?

  2. NATO! January 22, 2023 How the U.S. Obtains New NATO Members by Subversion, Followed by Coup, Followed by Ethnic Cleansing

    This is the pattern that has been used ever since the Soviet Union ended in 1991 when the ‘anti-communist’ excuse for America’s post-WW-II global imperialism has no longer been available to use (such as had earlier been the case in Korea, and in Vietnam, and in Guatemala, and in Iran, and in Chile and so many other lands), prior to 1991.


  3. OK — and who are they exactly? Who masterminded, then manipulated the entire governmental security agency complex to go along with the fraud? Who then participated in spectacles and shows of congressional hearings, media campaign? Who? Just a handful of people? Without a heavy duty backing? Again who? We may be looking at conspiracy.

    Once upon a time in old Sanskrit Vedas tgere was a ritualistic questiining of the nature of mighty powers that created Universe. And everytine, behind any such contemplation, there was a question: KA. Meaning WHO.

    We should be able to go beyond the TWITTER noise and identify the key actors, their backers and financiers. The networks that so fluently gripped our security systems, created nedia spectacle and neverending barrage of trash that kept on piling on other trash

    Seriously? A hanful of people huddled up and made it all happen.

  4. Israel interferes with U.S. elections far more than anyone, and the U.S. interferes with other countries’ elections far more than anyone.

    Russiagate was a total fabrication, and would be laughable if it didn’t brainwash people to hate Russia.

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