Roger Waters Addresses the UN Security Council on the Ukraine-Russia War

Roger Waters spoke to the United Nations Security Council, calling for the end of the Ukraine-Russia War.

27 thoughts on “Roger Waters Addresses the UN Security Council on the Ukraine-Russia War”

  1. Roger Waters should replace Rishi Sunak as PM. Sunak wants more of the same, endless wars and drone strikes. He can’t handle domestic affairs.

    1. they all do, despite knowing that they money they’re pouring into the killing and destruction is desperately, very desperately, needed to help ease the difficulties of eating, heating and health care. They’re all in the grip of some madness.

    2. Being a trully pathetic servant of the plutocracy -/ and not a particularly intellugent one — the best he can do is mouth off lines. Like an untalented actor auditioning for the part.

      Once upon a time in UK there were trully capable leaders coming out of the aristocratic, well educated and nationally aware ranks. Churchill was born in a famous palace, raised with best of education and had intellugence to match. As reprehensible as many such people of high birth were when it came to their colonial instincts — nobody can deny his abilities, How did it matter? Simple, UK had oligarchd before, powerful money people,

      But they had to deal with and contend with educated uper classes of the society that still carried the weight. And the big money could not that easily dismiss capable people backed by traditional societal structures.

      Not today, When plutocrats single out Prince Andrew for Epstein missdventures, this is picking on what is left of balance in UK society . Why him? Thousands of Epstein customers passed through his fantasy island, or other fancy publuc houses in New York, Paris, or Miami. Thousands politicians, judges, business people, givernment officials — none ever mentioned.

      This is why today this once strong counterweight to grubby money interests is a pale shadow of its former selves,

      This is why the dad creatures like Thatcher, Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, Truss or Sunak are inhabiting highest offices. And the sad collection of those running the sad country,

      Consequences are here.

  2. Britain has gone nuts re Ukraine. Roger Waters is courageous to speak out; so few are.

  3. Great! My only regret is that he didn’t go into any detail about how the U.S. and NATO provoked the Russian invasion.

  4. Roger Waters has been spot on regarding this war. Too bad Pink Floyd isn’t still together so he could get the message out to large crowds at their shows.

      1. I wonder what JR would have had say about this Seymore Hersh revelation and the mainstream media utter silence about this long, detailed & incriminating account of the Biden/Nuland act of WAR against Russia. Perhaps also the official tone seemingly taken here on current situation.

      2. I meant the original Pink Floyd. Of course there’s no guarantee that the rest of the band would have agreed with Waters, but hey, I’m just fantasizing here.

        1. Roger Waters did get the message across during his latest tour, “This is not a Drill.”

          I was at that show last summer. He called out for negotiations and not war. His message was blunt, “don’t poke the fu*king bear!”

          As usual, he called out the stuff with Palestine and lots of AV presentation of images of US presidents entitled “WAR CRIMINAL”.

          Great to see him call out all the $hit western media/propaganda is trying to jam down the sheeple’s collective throats.

          1. My comment wasn’t about him promoting his views in public; I have no doubt that he’d do that. What I meant was that Pink Floyd drew huge crowds in the thousands and sometimes tens of thousands. I assume that Waters doesn’t draw crowds like that, though I haven’t followed him since Pink Floyd.

          2. I estimate that there were the better part of 15,000 people at Roger’s concert in Toronto last summer. Is was an excellent fan turnout and the concert was amazing.

  5. It is hard to believe that his statements were not approved by his government in advance. The standard treatment for disobedience is getting fired. He has not yet been fired.

    The UK is currently racked by the bad consequences of Brexit. It seems plausible to me that its governments wants to get out of the Ukraine trap.

  6. well thought out and spoken
    thank you for being the voice of the oppressed, down trodden, forgotten and voiceless

  7. The war is not about Ukraine per se. Ukraine is just the battlefield. It’s about hegemony. While US was busy in Iraq and Af, China and Russia carved out positions 2 and 3. The unipolar world became multipolar. US wants it all back. Like they say, you can’t put toothpaste back in tube. Either US learns to live with it or WWIII has started. US can easily defeat Russia but China and Russia combined? It’s a tough nut to crack.

    1. Russia has more nuclear weapons than the U.S. The U.S. definitely can’t defeat Russia if Russia uses its nukes. As the saying goes, there is no winner in a nuclear war, at least not on this planet.

      1. Yes, agree. I was referring to conventional warfare. But your point prevails, if it comes to survival of any nation.

        1. I’m very concerned about this turning into a nuclear war. That’s been my main concern about this war since the horrible U.S. reaction to Russia’s invasion at the very beginning.

  8. Let’s recall that Roger Waters is on ZelBoy’s
    “Kill list”.
    God forbid anyone activate for peace, especially a rock god.
    Bono, on the other hand, remains the pretentious idiotic ass he’s always been.

    1. Bono has always been a jerk. 20-25 years ago, U2 sued a local band because they did a takeoff on U2 (I think it was the album cover, can’t remember). This was just a small band with little or no money. In response, a local punk rock band made a record they called “FU2.” These people are just liberals, who I’ve hated politically since high school.

  9. Feb 7, 2023 The Russian Ukrainian War: One Year Later

    Topics will focus on the new geostrategic realities of a multipolar world; Russia’s emerging foreign policy goals as a challenger to perceived US/Western hegemony; American foreign policy using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia; the new power alignments following Western-based sanctions against Russia; and possible scenarios for the next 6 – 12 months of the war in Ukraine and possible new flashpoints around the world: China/Taiwan; Serbia/Kosovo; Israel/Iran; NATO/BRICS

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