Sam Husseini Questions Ned Price: State Dept. Denies Latest Allegations That US Government Blew Up Nord Stream

Veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh charges the US military was behind the explosion. Ned Price dismisses claims despite US government statements. Says administration abides by WPR.

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Sam Husseini: I’m sure you’re aware of the new report from Seymour Hersh, “How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline” and the White House’s denial of any involvement. Given the longstanding US opposition to the pipeline, Secretary Blinken’s calling its demise a “tremendous opportunity” – and under Secretary of State Nuland’s saying that US officials were pleased with the destruction of the pipeline, especially Sweden’s secretive investigation, do you think that the US government’s denial of involvement is credible?

Ned Price: I absolutely do, and I repeat it here. Anything else?

Sam Husseini: Let me follow up on that if I might. Have you or anybody else at the State Department been in communication with German or Norwegian ambassadors, or other allies or officials on this matter?

Ned Price: On the matter of Nord Stream II?

Sam Husseini: On the matter of the latest allegations – [crosstalk]

Ned Price: It would not be typical for us to engage allies and partners on something that is utter and complete nonsense and that should be rejected out of hand by anyone who is looking at it through an objective lens.

Sam Husseini: One more aspect on this. One of the allegations that Hersh makes is that it was taken off the CIA in order to prevent involvement, oversight, as a covert operation. Did you read the piece?

[Hersh in the piece seems to explain brazen statements by Biden and Undersecretary of State for Policy Victoria Nuland made that Nord Stream 2 "will not move forward" prior to the Sept. 26, 2022 explosion – effectively making it a non-covert operation.]

Ned Price: I am familiar with it.

Sam Husseini: One of his allegations is that it was taken off –

Ned Price: Look, rather than let this propaganda be aired in the briefing room. Let me just say it is a fundamental misunderstanding of oversight in our US Congress. Beyond getting his facts entirely wrong, as he has before in very high-profile ways, it is a fundamental misunderstanding to suggest that our intelligence community is not subject to oversight. Anyone who writes that, anyone who writes anything like that, should not be believed –

Sam Husseini: No, no, that’s not what he wrote. No, no. He wrote that it was taken off of the CIA and put under military order –

Ned Price: Our military is also subject to rigorous oversight.

Sam Husseini: That’s my question. Do you recognize and abide by the War Powers Clause in such a situation and the War Powers Resolution in such a situation?

Ned Price: Your question is if we abide by the War Powers Resolution in a situation that never occurred?

Sam Husseini: In any situation. In any situation involving US military. Do you abide by the War Powers Resolution?

Ned Price: We follow the law in every instance.

Sam Husseini: Including the War Powers Resolution?

Ned Price: We follow the War Powers Resolution, and the broader law, in every instance.

Sam Husseini is an independent journalist who writes at He’s also the founder of – which helps break out of the two party bind. Reprinted with the author’s permission from

18 thoughts on “Sam Husseini Questions Ned Price: State Dept. Denies Latest Allegations That US Government Blew Up Nord Stream”

  1. I’m sorry to say this. To the average American, the questions/arguments were not effective, didn’t reveal a smoking gun, and seemed to be over “technicalities.” Having said that, I wouldn’t have done any better if I were there. The only thing I could accomplish is getting kicked out for calling Price a liar to his face. (Sarcasm alert)

  2. They’re really sliding in all the chips on this one. Whatever you want to say about Hersh’s allegations, they’re certainly not “utter and complete nonsense”. That the US had motive, means, and opportunity is quite beyond dispute, as are the corroborating bellicose statements by Biden and Nuland. Hirsh’s is the sort of story that firms up over time. It’ll be interesting to see how well the government can bare face its way through it.

    1. They will create distractions and the complicit media will cooperate. Just like with the balloon. They are now finding balloons all over the map.

      1. Yeah they’ll shuck and jive and the MSM will help but it’s not going to play as well in the rest of the world, particularly Germany. Blowing up Vietnamese, Latinos, Arabs, etc., is one thing, but blowing up the infrastructure of a white “ally” is getting a bit off the reservation.

  3. US Politians have been lying so much that they finally made a school out of it…! All politicians must graduate from this secret school at the beginning of their career…!

  4. Ned Price should pay the price for lying and go to the ICC with other warmongers that belong there but of course will never go there.

  5. State dept must hand out arrogance pills on a regular basis with instructions how to lie with a straight face.

    Price, who is former cia, prob hit the ground running but his arrogance coefficient has gone up substantially.

  6. All you have to do is to determine who had the Motive, Means and Opportunity. And WHO profitted the most, not to mention the big mouths.

  7. Sounds as though Sam Husseini made a complete fool of Ned Price.
    Which is how it should be. When is the last time our regime has been honest with us? The assassination of JFK, 9/11, Area 51 all come to mind….

  8. For Biden, the USA and Norway it is RIGHT to attack an ally? Two allies attacked another ally, Putin would never do such a thing, he did not attack a friend, only NATO members do that.
    Americans are deceptive and evil, they can’t be trusted, not even by their allies.
    Let it sink in what Biden and the Norwegians did.
    The man without a soul, the criminal Joe Biden, attacked another NATO member, an act of aggression, against a friend.

    That is the worst president ever, it can’t be topped, it can’t get worse than that on top of the millions he helped to kill in wars and he still does. He makes you p*ke. I don’t think Bush and Trump would have gone that far, it is all so bizarre, even Hitler would not sink that low.
    The third time the Anglo-Saxons are out to destroy Germany, WW III is near. Biden will not rest until he has his WW III.

  9. I don’t really hear the denial of the pipeline sabotage here. “It would not be typical for us”…”we follow the law”…”it is a fundamental misunderstanding to suggest that our intelligence community is not subject to oversight”…”propaganda”…(understand that propaganda by definition can still be something that is true).

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