New Poll: US Support for Ukraine Continues To Evaporate

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

A new AP/NORC poll shows that support among Americans – of all political persuasion – for continued involvement in the Russia/Ukraine war continues to crater, suggesting increasing political risk for politicians who continue to toe the Biden Administration line. Also today: UN Security Council will take up allegations that the US blew up Nord Stream pipeline.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

13 thoughts on “New Poll: US Support for Ukraine Continues To Evaporate”

  1. About 50% of polled Republicans oppose giving any more support to Ukraine. Don’t know what that figure is among Democrats, who are worse on this issue.

  2. A few Democrats in our government are good about saying aid to Israel should be ended but not so good about the war in Ukraine. They should demand an end to aid to Ukraine as well. The People’s Party is a good alternative to the Democratic and Republican Parties and is even better than the Libertarian Party.
    I’ll vote for the People’s Party Candidate if they are on the ballot in my state.

    1. The Green Party was good a long time ago, but they’ve sold out in order to try to win elections (how did that work out?). The People’s Party is good on war issues, but I haven’t seen anything from them on the environment, which is the other big issue. Leftists can be just as anti-environment as rightists, and I don’t support anyone who prioritizes unnatural human lifestyles over the environment, whether those lifestyles are being lived by the rich, the poor, or the middle class.

    2. In theory, the People’s Party may have ballot access in a couple of states if it ever actually runs candidates.

      But that seems unlikely.

      In practice, it seems to mostly be a social media platform and merch store dedicated to paying one guy’s rent. Board members seeking to actually do anything — whether it’s adding sign-language services to the “party’s” video events, or investigating sexual harassment allegations against that one guy, Nick Brana, magically find themselves removed.

      1. Jimmy Dore interviewed Nick Brana, founder of the People’s Party, numerous times. Brana was the National Political Outreach Coordinator for Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign, and Brana definitely intends for the People’s Party to run candidates. The problem isn’t the People’s Party, it’s the rotten U.S. winner-take-all electoral system that locks out every party except for the two Wall Street war monger neoliberal parties in power.

        At this point, I don’t think that running candidates, regardless of their party, ideologies, and integrity, will result in anything substantially good. This rotten electoral system has to be radically changed to proportional representation so that all parties that get a minimum percentage of votes get seats in government (just one change, private campaign contributions must also be totally eliminated). How to change the system is the big issue here. Any ideas?

          1. Well one has to sign in to view your response. I would never do something like this in a discussion forum, even to be sarcastic. Surprised you have.

      2. Given that we have no choice in this third world craphole, I will vote for Daffy Duck before I vote for the idiot in DC. Same for the republican stooge, whoever it is.

        1. A news & commentary podcast I watch pointed out that when Americans are polled, no one wants Biden or Trump, but those are the candidates we’re likely to get in the general election. But hey, democracy, right?

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