Watch the Speakers at the Rage Against the War Machine Rally

Several thousand people attended the Rage Against the War Machine rally in at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington this past Sunday. In addition, sister rallies were held in several cities.

You can now watch videos of all the great speakers at the Washington rally.

These speakers included:

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
Former Rep. Ron Paul
Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney
Former Rep. Dennis Kuchinich
Jimmy Dore
Scott Horton (editorial director,
Roger Waters
Col. Ann Wright (ret.)
Chris Hedges
Garland Nixon
David Swanson
Daniel McAdams
Jill Stein
Max Blumenthal
Dan McKnight
Kim Iversen
Dan Cohen
Tara Reade
Gerald Celente
Anna Parampil
David Swanson
Diane Sare
Jackson Hinkle
Tatiana Moroz
Jordan Page
Wyatt Reed
Craig Pasta Jardula

4 thoughts on “Watch the Speakers at the Rage Against the War Machine Rally”

  1. I watch a few and found Horton’s quite interesting. It appears his book will open with the senior Bush’s promise or like I like to describe as the CIA’s former (?) Head spook’s lies about the security state’s intentions to secure resources and influence in yet another part of the world.

    1. George Herbert Warmonger Bush was a warmonger. He may not have overthrown Saddam Hussein but he bombed Iraq after the Gulf War ended and before the Iraq War began. So did Clinton and George Warmonger Bush. George Herbert Warmonger Bush also bombed Panama in his search for Noriega. So many people say he was much better than the Junior Bush for not overthrowing Saddam Hussein.

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