12 thoughts on “Roger Waters Concert CANCELLED Over Israel Criticism”

  1. Any nation founded by genocide and hatred is built upon unstable foundations. Building a country on top of people and then acting offended that they breathe the same air is always a recipe for instability in the long run. You live and breathe a lie every day, for generations.

    In the end, why would you want to perform for people like that anyway?

  2. I remember during the COVID lockdowns the only local venue was the Briar patch and it’s annual series of 4 different music festivals and a one day Halloween fest that was so …. Cold, Cold, Cold (Little Feat reference ;-) that you had to watch your alcohol consumption.
    But nothing else (no Guthrie County Ruckus that year which meant no Saturday after the concert party at the county campground which features stripper poles on a trailer and packs of rich soccer moms getting extremely efed up while watching drunk cowboys along with the gals dancing on dares) because our Betters demanded total compliance like they are doing for stoned musician political views.
    What’s next?
    Political compliance or you don’t sing?
    No more war protest songs?
    Is the Briar Patch going to be allowed to have a 4th of July celebration if Afroman (or others) wants to sing a protest song or two about the war?
    for your listening pleasure:

  3. “Western” values in action – suppressing all speech we don’t like, suppressing the truth and promoting genocide.

  4. Criticism of Ukraine policy, funding and war will soon be mainstream as many (most?) 2024 Republican presidential candidates will voice it,

    Such criticism of Israel will never see the light of day

  5. The Frankfurt city council is comfortably dumb. More people will be hardened against Israel, particularly fans in Frankfurt, and “BANNED IN FRANKFURT” will just sell that many more tickets everywhere else. And fans in Frankfurt can make a media event of caravaning to the nearest concert. And Roger can write a song about it all.

  6. Roger Waters should perform where he can invite Jeremy Corbyn and people like him to watch his concert.

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