Hersh Strikes Back! CIA Planted Bogus Nord Stream Sabotage Story

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh is back with another blockbuster claim: The strange visit of the German chancellor to DC was to brief him on a CIA cover story meant to distract from Hersh’s claims that Biden green-lighted the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines! Also today: Why is Washington so uninterested in China’s plan for peace in Ukraine? Finally – 20 years later some Republicans still cannot let go of the use of force authorization.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

20 thoughts on “Hersh Strikes Back! CIA Planted Bogus Nord Stream Sabotage Story”

  1. Germany should end its alliance with the USA, withdraw from NATO & close US Bases. That is not going to happen. Olaf Scholz is even closer to the USA than Merkel was.

    1. Yeah, kinda surprised that millions of Germans aren’t in the streets rioting about all this. A German friend told me before winter — in response to my question about what they’re going to do for heat because of Russia’s reaction to the sanctions — that she has a wood-burning stove to heat her place, and that a bunch of friends would be moving in with her and her husband. While Germans aren’t as protective of their lifestyles as the French, I’m surprised that they’re putting up with this.

      1. I read, Hersh reports that Chancellor Scholz was Blackmailed by Biden. If so, that would explain a lot. It is plausible, the German BND and CIA coordinated false reports that pro Ukrainians supposedly were involved. Which was printed in the NYT and Der Spiegel at the same time.

        1. Scholz is crap, so is the Green Party, which sold out decades ago. The two highest priorities for the Green Party were originally peace and the environment; now look what it’s doing.

          As to the rest of your comment, all world leaders are problematic. Only people with oversized egos want to become heads of countries, and those are the last people who should be. There may be a rare good leader of some small country, but electoral systems in overpopulated countries (which is all of them) produce the kind of garbage we get, especially when the populations obsess on making more money so they can buy more needless crap.

          1. I think the original Greens are gone, the present members are really neo-nazis using the name for cover. I also believe that they are corrupt to the bone, they are traitors to the nation.
            Hochverraeter IMO
            I believed that Scholz was informed by Biden when he visited Biden in Feb. 2022. There was no reaction then or later to what Biden had said in that press briefing. It stuck with me. But I have no info other than what is public.
            The thought alone is really unbelievable, surreal. But the reaction after the act of sabotage is just as unbelievable if not more so.

          2. The lies that “we can’t know” or that maybe Russia blew up its own pipeline were totally laughable. Any clear-thinking ten year old (are there any left?) could see from Day 1 that the U.S. did it. I’m really glad that Hersh did the work and published this story (don’t know whether it will do any good, but at least he tried), but it wasn’t needed to know that the U.S. is guilty here.

          3. True, he sort of strengthened the foundation the big surprise was the contribution Norway provided.
            The real contribution is that Hersh’s publicity put the limelight on it. And people like Nuland, and Biden, and Sullivan, and Blinken keep it in the limelight.
            Allies ganged up on another ally, that takes time to really sink in.

          4. I’ve always considered Norway evil and wouldn’t put anything past it. Any oil country that kills whales and shoots wolves from helicopters is capable of anything else bad.

          5. Can y’all imagine a world where the US’s worst offense was killing whales and shooting (gulp!) wolves??? Like, at lunch you’re discussing concerns of humpback whaling instead of the concerns of impending nuclear WW3.

            Whales and wolves smh

          6. That’s a very human supremacist attitude. Wolves and whales, along with every other species and ecosystem on Earth, have as much right to live and thrive as humans, including you. Killing them is actually much worse than killing humans, because their populations are unnaturally low because of humans, where as humans are grossly overpopulated.

            Of course nuclear war should be the overriding consideration regarding the war in Ukraine, as I’ve said all along. My comment was that any nation that commits the evils of being a major oil producer, and a killer of whales and wolves (the U.S. fits 2 of those, BTW) is an evil country capable of all sorts of evil. The threat of nuclear war doesn’t diminish the other evils that Norway commits one bit.

  2. “Finally – 20 years later some Republicans still cannot let go of the use of force authorization.”

    Some? More like most. Same with democrats. Exactly the same. 4 each and one independent. That’s what happens when they vote on something that could actually curtail our wars. There is no peace party.

    1. Not even just “most,” the vast majority and the establishment of both parties. In the U.S. system, you can’t vote against war or Wall Street. So much for elections being worth anything or the U.S. being any kind of representative government.

    2. Politics in the USA is a racket setup long ago by the ruling class to manage the status quo of resource management. It’s one giant feeding trough with old pigs at one end and new ones jostling for a spot closer to the old end, closer to the spout. Where do we fit in? We feed on the droppings, hoping to magically transform into a pig someday.


      1. That’s not where we fit in if that’s not what we aspire to. The problem here, as everywhere, is that humans are very mentally and spiritually unevolved, so they obsess on wrongful things like ego, materialism, and power. We should instead aspire to expanding our consciousness, and increasing our wisdom and empathy, the latter not just for humans, but for the Earth and all the life here.

        To be clear, there are exceptions to this, but they are rare nowadays and becoming extinct (hunter-gatherers, ascetic monks, etc.).

        1. We traded our humanity for money at the height of the industrial age. For the eye on the dollar bill. We’ve long been divorced from the reality of what’s actually important in life. Maybe follow a dog around for awhile, get reacquainted with some actual reality, go from there.

          1. I think the problems started long before and are much deeper than that. Leaving aside the fact that humans caused extinctions wherever they went when they began leaving Africa 60-90,000 years ago, the real turning point was trading hunting & gathering for agriculture. Agriculture begat overpopulation, which begat civilization, which begat major environmental destruction like logging entire forests, which begat wars. Etc. All downhill since we were hunter-gatherers, and that was 10-12,000 years ago, thousands of years before money or industrial society even existed.

          2. As far back as trade goes, ideas and knowledge have always been the most valuable and traded commodity. Every time there is a leap in technology when it comes to transportation and communication, we have major conflicts. Now fast forward to the information age. The biosphere is unlikely to recover.

  3. Biden, Nuland, and Sullivan have worked on the regime change and destruction of Russia since the regime change in Ukraine.
    All three plus Blinken are fanatic Russophobes and want unconditional surrender. They are not interested in peace as long as other people’s sons come home in body bags.
    We are governed by a gang of war criminals

    1. Or as General Smedley Butler put it around 100 years ago, the U.S. is like the Mafia in the way that it deals with other countries.

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