Aaron Maté at UN: OPCW Cover-Up Denies Justice to Douma Victims

On Friday March 24, I spoke to the United Nations Security Council about the OPCW’s ongoing cover-up of its investigation into the alleged April 2018 chemical attack in Douma, Syria.

At the center of the scandal are two veteran OPCW scientists who deployed to Syria in April 2018 for the OPCW’s Douma probe. The pair have accused senior OPCW officials of manipulating the investigation to reach a conclusion that baselessly implicated the Syrian government in a chlorine gas attack. Their concerns are backed up by a trove of leaked documents, which I have extensively reported on.

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6 thoughts on “Aaron Maté at UN: OPCW Cover-Up Denies Justice to Douma Victims”

  1. When such folks as Glenn Greenwald and Tucker Carlson both believe the same as the author, the lies aren’t working as well anymore.

  2. Aaron Mate has done great work on this. But unfortunately, because of censorship and U.S. propaganda, most people don’t know about what really happened in Syria and still think that Assad gassed his own people.

  3. Well, that takes incompetence out of the equation. No anchor of trust to be found there either. All our (supposedly international) institutions seem to have become thoroughly corrupted. For some reason this depresses me more than the corruption of the ICC for example, that is almost by definition political in nature and therefore easily corrupted. I guess I have become conditioned by now to expect no better from them. The OPCW however, also HQ-ed in The Hague (is corruption in the water there?) ought to maintain some semblance of impartiality and scientific respectability. It simply cannot function if its conclusions are the result of politics and career ambitions rather than science.

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