Get US Troops Out of Syria Now

U.S. troops have no business being in Syria, and Congress has never authorized a military mission in Syria for any purpose.

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The White House says that Biden is “absolutely” committed to keeping US troops in Syria:

Kirby added that Biden is “absolutely” committed to keeping American troops in Syria, where they are stationed to fight back any remnants of ISIS forces.

US troops have no business being in Syria, and Congress has never authorized a military mission in Syria for any purpose. The problem with the illegal US military presence in Syria isn’t just that its official justification no longer makes sense, but that they have been sent into Syria and kept there for years solely on the president’s say-so. The original mission was unauthorized by Congress, and everything since then has likewise been unauthorized. The US also has no international mandate for operating on Syrian territory, and it definitely doesn’t have the permission of the Syrian government to be there. When the White House says that Biden is absolutely committed to keeping troops in Syria, they are saying that he is absolutely committed to violating both the Constitution and international law.

Keeping US troops in Syria also makes no sense as a matter of policy. There is no threat in Syria today that the US is plausibly defending itself against, but then there never was. If the US left Syria tomorrow, it would not compromise US or allied security in the slightest. To the extent that the fight against ISIS served any US interests, the main fight was done years ago and there is no need for US forces to hang around indefinitely to prevent some possible future resurgence. US troops and contractors are being put at risk for no good reason, and that ought to be a cause for outrage in Washington. Instead, it mostly goes unnoticed until one of them is killed, and even then there is not much of a reaction.

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7 thoughts on “Get US Troops Out of Syria Now”

    1. Well that’s a joke. The U.S. is the one allied with the terrorists in Syria, namely al Qaeda and al-Nusra.

  1. NATO’s forever wars and drone strikes have emboldened Al-Qaeda and caused ISIS to form. Those nations should get out of the war zones and turn them into peace zones.

    1. This all started with the U.S. arming and funding the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union there. That was over 40 years ago. The Mujaheddin begat the Taliban, which begat al Qaeda, which begat ISIS, on and on.

      The U.S. doesn’t care what harms it causes in the service of empire. That’s the ultimate problem here.

      1. Wherever they go they leave a trail of destruction and tears and blood and death. They are the modern day Nazis, Fascists also called neocons.

        1. Yeah. Ultimately, this problem is caused by civilization, which is caused by overpopulation. War is as old as civilization, and for a good reason. Read Derrick Jensen’s work on this if you’re interested.

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