Ron Paul: Biden Can’t Get China To Pick Up the Phone

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

As an article in Politico reports today, the Biden Administration is being “ghosted” by a China reeling from US meddling in Taiwan affairs and shooting down balloons. As China takes a more active role in the Middle East is American influence on the wane? Also today: Biden sends another couple of billion to the black hole in Ukraine while US Republican leaders claim “overwhelming” support for Ukraine in Congress.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

17 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Biden Can’t Get China To Pick Up the Phone”

  1. My New Year’s prediction was that the U.S. would be putting boots on the ground in Ukraine before the end of the year. Uncle Sam will not tolerate another loss of face on the world stage.

    1. That would be a great way to cause an end to life on Earth with a nuclear war. Not saying you’re wrong — world leaders are all psychopaths and I wouldn’t put it past them to start a nuclear war — just pointing out that U.S. troops in Ukraine would be the height of foolishness and insanity.

      1. But it sure appears to me that God has given America over to a base and stupid mind. Our leaders are indeed psychopaths.

    2. After Vietnam, Afghanistan and Syria, a loss of face in Ukraine will be “seen” by Onkle Sam as an epochal victory… which will rewrite the history of the “family”! The “Bay of pigs” in Cuba is already forgotten …

  2. China won’t pick up the phone because it’s a crank call & Biden is causing all that tension.

  3. I thought Hunter was the go-between ….
    Tell him to lay down the pipe, back away quickly and give his bosses a call.

  4. You spake English, 中国 speak 中国人. You call, speak 中国人, send smiling golden cat

  5. China has given Biden a choice. Engage in diplomacy with China or with Taiwan. Biden has made his choice.

      1. That’s a bad analogy. A much better one would be if China allied with, for example, a group of native Hawaiians who had taken over a Hawaiian island, and offered them military assistance and protection from the U.S. That would actually be much more legitimate, because the U.S. occupies Hawaii and the natives are, well, native.

        As to the actual situation, the U.S. is trying to maintain its dominance in the world, and it considers China to be a major competitor in that regard. China is not going to tolerate the U.S. treating Taiwan like an independent country just like the U.S. wouldn’t tolerate China treating the native Hawaiian group in my example above as one.

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