Lindsey Graham: ‘Let’s Fight China!’

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

In a Sunday interview, Sen. Lindsey Graham said he believes the US should be willing to go to war with China over Taiwan. “I would be willing to fight for Taiwan,” Graham said. Of course he wouldn’t be doing the fighting… Also today: US sends more war ships right up to Chinese territory. Finally: Macron has a De Gaulle-ian epiphany in China and the neocons are freaking out.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham: ‘Let’s Fight China!’”

  1. Mrs. Graham has yet to find a war he does not want to fight or escalate.

  2. Doesn’t he want to do Mexico too? Big John must be looking up and beaming with pride.

    1. No, it is the other crazy dude from South Asia. Different means the same objective. More war, more destruction, more killing of the innocents, more pillage, more raping. Nothing has changed for the past 100 years. The evil empire averaged about 2 military conflicts since its inception, not counting covert operations.

  3. Lindsay Graham & Marco Rubio want the current wars to expand. They want war with Mexico & China too. The people of South Carolina should demand Graham resign but won’t. The people of Florida should demand Rubio resign but won’t either.

    1. The military is the most trusted government agency in the U.S., and Americans always support these immoral wars when they start. So I don’t think the people are going to demand anything of the sort, though I agree with your sentiment.

    2. No politician should be allowed to vote for or fund a war unless either they or at least one of their direct descendants is fighting in it. I unequivocally oppose war, period, but that rule would be a great disincentive.

  4. He would be willing to fight for Taiwan? Be my guest, I’ll make sure there’s a space on the ship for you. At least Graham served in the military, unlike the cowardly chicken hawks.

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