Former CIA Chief Morell: Blinken Told CIA To Lie About Hunter Biden Laptop!

From the Jimmy Dore Show:

When Joe Biden accused Donald Trump during a 2020 Presidential debate about spreading Russian propaganda over Biden’s son Hunter’s alleged laptop, the Democratic nominee was lying — and he knew it. That’s because he and his campaign had personally solicited members of the intelligence community to write a letter calling the laptop a Russian disinformation campaign, which the letter’s authors did because, as former CIA head Mike Morell explained, they wanted Biden to win.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak with Revolutionary Blackout Network’s Nick Cruse about this bombshell story exposing Biden’s outright lies.

7 thoughts on “Former CIA Chief Morell: Blinken Told CIA To Lie About Hunter Biden Laptop!”

    1. Elites almost never face consequences for their evil actions. In fact, they’re rewarded for them.

  1. Starting with Bill Clinton, the Democrats have made major efforts to become just as bad as Republicans. Now they’ve surpassed them on some issues, including this one. This is not to say that Republicans support peace or don’t support U.S. militarism, but they have the only voices in Congress pushing back against the U.S. proxy war in Ukraine, to list just one example. Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe with literal Nazis having a major role in the government, and the Bidens were a part of that corruption when Joe was vice president.

    It was obvious all along to anyone who can think clearly that the Biden laptop story was quite real, and that the lie about Russian propaganda was just that. Yet Americans are so badly brainwashed that many if not most of them easily fell for the lie. Not much to say about this, I’m getting really tired of trying to convince people that 2+2=4.

      1. Yes, we badly need proportional representation, which is far more representative even if both parties were good. But a country with 330 million people should have a lot more than 2 political parties.

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