Conflicts of Interest: Moscow Accuses US in Kremlin Drone Attack

On COI #417, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover the attempted drone strike on the Kremlin, Moscow pointing the finger at the US after the attack, a major delegation of American arms makers going to Taiwan, the tensions between Kiev and the White House over the Discord Leaks, the aggressive US Ambassador to China warning Beijing against supporting Moscow, multiple Israeli bombing raids in Syria, reports that the US has killed a Syrian civilian in airstrike, Arab ministers calling for the de-occupation of Syria, Tel Aviv’s bombing of Gaza, as well as the leaders of Syria and Iran signing long-term oil and trade agreements.

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7 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Moscow Accuses US in Kremlin Drone Attack”

  1. The drone strike is moving us closer & closer to WWIII. Biden wants to look tougher than the previous POTUS including W. The politicians of the duopoly parties that support this madness should lose their jobs & go to psycho wards.

  2. It’s been suggested (I don’t remember by who) that this “attack” was more like an “in your face, Russia !” than an “assassination” attempt (pretty lame sounding, IMO), designed to “knock a flag off ” of the building, or something. I lean toward that scenario, or something similar.

  3. Figuring out who made those drones ought to be a simple task.
    Perhaps the guilty party issued a postage stamp?

  4. I doubt it was even a real “attack” since on a video it doesn’t look like much, at least regarding power of the charge that drone was carrying. Hell, even a teenager with access to any online gun store in US can probably do better :D

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