4 thoughts on “Dave DeCamp Talks About Censorship of Ukraine News”

  1. Zelensky has as much power over the US Media as AIPAC. The Washington Post deleted an article about the war because Zelensky wants the Media to save his hide. It’s like the Media covering up war crimes to save the president’s hide. Freedom of the Press is dead.
    The USA does a lot of the bad things it accuses Russia of doing.

    1. The U.S. was always rotten, starting with the mass murders of Natives and theft of their land, to the kidnapping & enslavement of Africans, to becoming the evil empire that it now is, along with being the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet by far. Sure, there are some good ideas here, like freedom of speech & the press, but this is a totally decadent society and those ideas have decayed and become totally perverted (large corporations have almost unlimited freedom to advertise, which ought to be illegal, while people with certain political views get censored, etc.).

    2. β€œJulian Assange’s case is so important because we’ve lost journalism. We’ve lost the ability now to find the truth.” – Susan Sarandon.

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