Conflicts of Interest: Ukraine Already Planning for the ‘Next Counteroffensive’

On COI #420, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover the UK’s plans to arm Ukraine with long-range missiles, Kiev’s demand for F-16s and other advanced weapons ahead of the “next counteroffensive,” Kiev’s claimed gains around Bakhmut, China’s efforts to broker peace in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Victory Day speech, Congressional hawks’ push for sanctions to stop countries from normalizing with Damascus, as well as the heavy Israeli bombing of Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip this week.

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2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Ukraine Already Planning for the ‘Next Counteroffensive’”

  1. Ukraine is planning for Russia to cause more destruction in its country & it’s getting by with a little help from its friends especially the US.
    Neutral nations are trying to find a way to end the Ukraine War, Countries in the ME are normalizing ties with Damascus & Tehran, countries are finding ways to get around sanctions & more countries are trading without the Almighty Dollar. The US is slowly but surely losing its grip on power.

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