Biden Illegally Ships $3 Billion To Ukraine

Saagar Enjeti on Breaking Points explaining that the Biden Administration is illegally bypassing Congress to send an extra 3 billion dollars to Ukraine. He interviews Jake Sullivan who explains how they cooked the books.

4 thoughts on “Biden Illegally Ships $3 Billion To Ukraine”

  1. Washington’s “books” would never pass muster in regards to good accounting practices. They simply reduced the value from replacement cost to the original purchase prices (that were much lower before Biden Inflation;-) then they actually depreciated the stuff to further reduce the value. Wait for them to reduce the value to just salvage value via more depreciation to squeeze a couple more Billion out of the value so they can send more in a month or two.

  2. Biden illegally shipped $3 Billion Dollars to Ukraine. If it’s counterfeit, Ukraine will have to send it back to him. Zelensky thinks no amount of money is good enough for him & wants more & more. If Ukraine & its allies run out of ammo, they will have to use swords & slingshots.

  3. If Team Biden would deceive Congress in this matter, it’s likely that they will do it in other matters, including creative accounting practices that have nothing to do with Ukraine.

    It seems to me that, at minimum, Congress should assert its authority to control the purse strings by opening an investigation to evaluate and report on the accounting practices used by the Pentagon and executive agencies themselves, as well as the effectiveness of controls already in place to detect this kind of behavior.

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