Conflicts of Interest: Biden Approves Plan to Send F-16s to Ukraine

On COI #424, Kyle Anzalone discusses Biden green-lighting a plan to send advanced aircraft to Ukraine.

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6 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden Approves Plan to Send F-16s to Ukraine”

  1. Hard to imagine why these real life Dr. Strangeloves want to see how far they can push Russia while totally failing to consider the existential threat of nuclear war. I guess they’re hoping that Putin and Russia aren’t anywhere near as psychopathic as they are, but this is a very risky thing to count on; for one thing, I don’t know that one would have to be a psychopath to launch nuclear weapons if one were convinced that their country and society were about to be destroyed. Either that or they don’t care if they destroy the Earth with nuclear war. Don’t know which is worse.

    1. I suspect that Russian war plans include a trigger moment. It would appear that we are pushing Russia to that moment.

      1. Yes, and where are the sane people to stop this? Nowhere that I can tell. War mongers just want war, liberals are obsessed with their woke BS, and their hatred of Trump which has morphed into hatred of Russia, and I suspect that most people are apathetic. As to the latter, I don’t understand this. No one was apathetic during the Cuban Missile Crisis or when Reagan was threatening Russia constantly, we were all terrified. People are now so brainwashed and brain-dead that they almost certainly don’t know the extreme danger that the entire Earth and all the life here are in because of this.

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