US Antiwar Activists Report Back From Trip to Russia

Dan Kovalik and Rick Sterling, two antiwar and social justice activists have just returned from a fact-finding trip to Russia, including Crimea. They wanted to speak to Russians and, as people from the U.S., let the Russians know that they opposed the sanctions on Russia and the Western imposed isolation of their country. As the proxy war in Ukraine is putting nuclear powers in conflict to an extent we have not seen in decades, such trips should be the norm for antiwar activists in the US and Russia. But few Russians can get into the US and Western countries make it very difficult for people to travel to Russia.

Join us for this important webinar and hear what the people of Russia are thinking about the Ukraine War, the sanctions and their relation with the U.S. Sponsored by The United National Antiwar Coalition.

Dan and Rick wrote three articles for about their trip:

Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here
Part 3 will appear on Antiwar.comm Monday, June 5

9 thoughts on “US Antiwar Activists Report Back From Trip to Russia”

  1. The sanctions are having negative effects on Russians but they are finding ways to get around them but it will take time for them to adjust to trade without NATO.

    1. As Russia learns to become self sufficient in all things it will grow it’s way out of the Global economy and the control it tries to exercise. With it’s resources it could outstrip China in a few decades.

      1. At that point in time, both Russia & China will outstrip the USA. Russia & China will trade far more with each other than with the USA. Most of the world will also trade more with them than with the USA.

        1. Both are for all countries to trade in their own currencies. De-dollarization is a fact that is happening. Obama once said about his VP, “never underestimate the ability of Joe to f*ck things up”. Joe is working overtime, it would seem, to verify Obama’s statement. That said, Obama has his f*ck ups as well.

        2. I think that will be the turning point. When the 1% starts to see they’re net losers in the global economy they’ll push for detente.

  2. Thank you so much for this splendid article which combines eye-witness account with factual historical background. A gasp of fresh air for those drowning in the ocean of war propaganda. I forwarded it to all my friends and relatives.

  3. Why didn’t they go to Ukraine and see the atrocities the Russians committed? Probably because they are more pro-Russian than anti-war.

    1. Why don’t mainstream media go to Donetsk and Luhask and see the atrocities the Ukrainians committed (for 8 years before the invasion)? War goes both ways and don’t just magically happen for no reason, unlike what mainstream media wants you to believe.

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