Conflicts of Interest: Ukraine Launches Drone Attack on Moscow

On COI #428, Kyle Anzalone discusses Kiev’s latest attack on Moscow.

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3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Ukraine Launches Drone Attack on Moscow”

  1. We will not hear about this in the MSM. Freedom of the Press is an oxymoron. If Biden is re-elected, the war in Ukraine will go on indefinitely. Biden & McCarthy reached a deal that will not benefit the rest of the country. I wish the American People would make them resign & their gray hairs would fall out.

    1. Kennedy looks like the only candidate who has a chance of stopping this U.S. proxy war. Trump doesn’t care because it’s not about his money or ego, and he’s shown no ability to stand up to the military/intelligence/industrial complex. Kennedy might meet the same fate as his relatives if he shows too much of a chance of getting elected and they think he’s a serious threat to stop the war.

      This whole situation is horrible and I don’t see any happy ending here. The best we can hope for is that the psychopaths on all sides don’t end up annihilating the planet in nuclear war.

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