Conflicts of Interest: Biden Provokes Kin Jong Un with a Nuclear Submarine

On COI #448, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman discuss North Korea, Ukraine and the Middle East.

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7 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden Provokes Kin Jong Un with a Nuclear Submarine”

  1. This is just stupid. I think the president is regressing to a very primitive state. I do not recall so many childish outbursts and temper tantrums emanating from a US government.
    It’s amateurish and reeks of adolescent bluster.


    Some of America’s most advanced military aircraft conducted drills in South Korea on Tuesday as a show of force against North Korea. Pyongyang recently announced that it had made advancements toward deploying a surveillance satellite.

    1. Every POTUS is a bigger warmonger than the previous POTUS. Biden thinks he’s on top of the world and wants all those never ending wars to expand in more and more places.
      He says he wants to protect the environment, wars and US Bases around the world create more toxic waste.

      1. Know this never mentioned by the environmentalists.

        September 8, 2021 US Military Bigger Polluter Than 140 Other Countries

        The US military has a massive network of ships, planes, road vehicles, and battle equipment, that keeps its well-oiled war moving around the planet. This massive infrastructure has a significant effect on climate change but remains outside any form of control or accountability.

        1. The fact that people who are selling the “Climate Crisis Catastrophe” are the same people leading us into WWIII/nuclear end of humanity should be an indication that they’re not sincere and it’s all about US world dominance and hegemony. More taxes and more control is what they’re looking for while they buy waterfront property. With the more relaxed censorship on Twitter now, people can see more scientific evidence to dispel their fears induced by severe brainwashing and control of the entire educational system. But please don’t educate me about how we don’t have ice in the arctic any more since 2008 …or 2013 …or 2018. (Sarcasm)

  3. There must have been an opening. Between war games and real war and trying to provoke another war, where does one find the time. Have we fucked with Iran this week?

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