Biden Should Promote Peace Over War in Ukraine for Two Good Reasons

President Biden faces a dilemma. He’s running for re-election in what is likely to be an extremely close reelection race.

But he’s locked into promoting endless tens of billions to win an unwinnable proxy war against Russia in Ukraine that the electorate no longer supports.

After 18 months, the electorate is moving on from supporting his war. They know it’s unwinnable. They realize it’s not remotely connected to US national security interests. They understand it could a lurch into nuclear confrontation at any time. A recent CNN poll found voters flipped from 62% feeling Biden should do more, to just 48%. Even a bigger percentage, 55%, oppose more tens of billions in weapons to fuel a lost cause.

But Biden doubles down, saying we’re in this proxy war for the long haul till Ukraine pushes Russia out of the pro Russian Ukraine areas that will never be reunited with the Western oriented two thirds of Ukraine.

To make his point clear, Biden sabotaged a negotiated settlement 16 months ago that would have left Ukraine with more territory that they will now end up with. Result? Tens of thousands of unnecessary Ukraine deaths and further destruction to its economy all to prove an unprovable point.

Republicans would not likely be supporting peace in Ukraine if Trump were president, but more and more are exploiting public opinion against the war as they seek to reclaim the White House next year. If Biden follows sensible voter opinion and pivots toward peace, his electoral chances increase.

But there is a second and better reason for Biden to promote peace instead of war in Ukraine. Politics aside…it’s the right thing to do to save lives, possibly avoid nuclear war.

Walt Zlotow became involved in antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs. He blogs daily on antiwar and other issues at

12 thoughts on “Biden Should Promote Peace Over War in Ukraine for Two Good Reasons”

  1. Neither of those are reasons Biden will chose peace though. I don’t think Democrats really want to win, because then they actually have to govern and it’s harder to avoid responsibility for the state of this mess we call a country. Being out of power allows them to fundraise off of shrieking about how bad Republicans are.

    And as for doing the right thing, saving lives or avoiding nuclear war, you don’t honestly think the senator from MBNA cares, do you?

  2. There is a 3rd reason why Pres. Biden should work for a negotiated peace in Ukraine: The reputation of the United States is falling fast around the world as a result of that war, which the world knows has been provoked from day one.

      1. Thank you for your inquiry Mary, and here is your answer.

        Emanuel Pastreich is director of the Asia Institute, a think tank dedicated to contemporary events located in Washington DC, Hanoi, Seoul and Tokyo.

  3. May 5, 2022 Antiwar Groups Protest Defense Industry Profiteering in Ukraine

    The predominant left position is, on the whole, resolutely antiwar. U.S. activists of all stripes have been rolling out ambitious organizing efforts in the hopes of nudging the conflict towards diplomacy and an eventual ceasefire. Given the considerable death toll and the millions of refugees the war has produced — to say nothing of the threat of conventional or nuclear escalation — the matter is an urgent one.×800.jpg

  4. The third reason: It would show that rare moment of diplomacy out of the Biden administration. That would carry the day, I believe, next year.

  5. Instead of choosing the path to peace in Ukraine, Biden chose the path to war with Russia. Biden could have qualified for the Nobel Peace Prize (for what it is worth) had he gone the route of diplomacy with Russia and prevented massive bloodshed. Is the loss of 400,000 to 500,000 soldiers and citizens worth the price of getting Ukraine into NATO?

    1. Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize and he did nothing to earn it. He continued Bush’s wars and started a war in Syria and Libya.

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