A Visual Database of America’s Empire: Close All US Military Bases

From World Beyond War:

Ending all wars means closing all military bases. An obvious place to start is with bases maintained by nations outside their borders. Of these foreign military bases, the vast majority belong to one nation, the United States. World BEYOND War works globally to block the creation and expansion of bases, and to close existing facilities. To get involved, sign our peace pledge or contact us.

Try our new tool for viewing U.S. foreign bases on a globe.

6 thoughts on “A Visual Database of America’s Empire: Close All US Military Bases”

  1. People protesting the destruction of the environment and climate change should protest wars and military bases that contribute to pollution and climate change. I don’t know where Greta Thunberg stands.
    The US and many of its allies claim to believe in democracy around the world. They don’t say what they mean. They support coups and leaders that are suitable to the US and many of its allies but are unsuitable to the people of those nations and are very repressive. They wage war against nations that did nothing to them.
    When the US establishes bases in foreign lands, it keeps them there indefinitely. There were never French Bases in the US after the American Revolution and that’s a good thing. It was enough that France helped the 13 Colonies during the war and gave the USA the Statue of Liberty.

        1. Well, as regards war, she has visited Zelenskky in Kyiv and protested the invasion outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm holding a “stand with Ukraine” sign.

          I haven’t seen any statements from her on US bases, US interventions, etc.

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