Life of Courage: A Tribute to Daniel Ellsberg’s Legacy

Tribute Honoring Dan Ellsberg’s Legacy
July 30, 2023, National Press Club

This is the complete, original program, as planned by Diane Perlman and Todd E. Pierce, which had to be reduced in content due to the live event’s time constraints. Which can be seen here.

But this is now complete with full, unedited, tributes, and with additional tributes by Prof. Gar Alperovitz (“Mr. Boston”), retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern, and retired FBI agent Coleen Rowley, as originally put together. With information added on each of these presenter’s connections to the “Dan Ellsberg Saga.” In addition, at the end of this video is a tribute by name to some of the most heroic Whistleblowers who came after Dan Ellsberg, who were inspired by Dan, and/or followed in his footsteps, knowing they were doing the “right thing.” With Dan having “shown the way,” and “lighting the path.”

2 thoughts on “Life of Courage: A Tribute to Daniel Ellsberg’s Legacy”

  1. I am sorry to hear that Daniel Ellsberg passed away, he is much more of a hero than the so-called heroes of world history. The whistle blowers are the real heroes and the people called heroes are really troublemakers that enrich the MIC.

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