Ukraine Hits Crimea (With US Targeting and British Missiles)

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Yesterday, Ukraine hit targets in Crimea, damaging or destroying one kilo-class Russian sub and one landing ship. The missiles used were StormShadows from the UK and the targeting was from the US Pentagon. How soon until Russia strikes back at increasingly direct NATO/US involvement in the war? Also today: too little too late – the Pentagon suddenly develops an interest in where the money to Ukraine is going. Finally – Agent Orange 2.0? US to “defoliate” Asian jungles to prepare for war with China.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

17 thoughts on “Ukraine Hits Crimea (With US Targeting and British Missiles)”

  1. We need to talk about what is going on in the Black Sea right now. Bulgaria has invoked article 4 and something big can happen like the gulf of Tonkin.

    1. A Russian Su-27 “accidentally” fired at a U.S. spy aircraft over the Black Sea. It missed. A warning? When our satellites record silo doors opening in Russia, how many in the U.S. and EU will say a collective “oh sh*t!”. A few years ago, China demonstrated how easily they could take out one of our satellites by taking out one of theirs. Even Musk’s satellites would be hit. F*cked times, they are. (Now, where can I find that iodine online???)

    1. WWIII is here. “Tightening the noose” on a country for no other reason but empire will get us all killed. We can thank Bill Clinton for his clear thinking that got the ball rolling to today’s fiasco. This is the thanks Russia (Soviet Union) gets for sacrificing 20 million souls to defeat NAZI Germany.

      1. “This is the thanks Russia (Soviet Union) gets for sacrificing 20 million souls to defeat NAZI Germany.”

        It’s not like they wanted to do that. They were allied with the Nazis to defeat Poland, etc., until they got double crossed.

          1. Not really, the Soviets only moved in after the Germans exceeded their territorial limits under the pact, coming way too close to their own territory. At that point the Polish government had fled. Poland as a nation ceased to exist.
            The land they reoccupied was sloughed off after WW1 so they only took back what was rightly theirs.

          2. They took the whole thing — and there was no such thing as “rightly theirs” in any case As Nietzsche put it, everything the state says is a lie and everything it has is stolen.

          3. They took the whole thing away from the Nazis who would have exterminated them if they hadn’t.
            By every indication, history is repeating itself today.

          4. You’re time line is wrong. The splitting occurred weeks after the German invasion and eradication of the Polish state and the Soviet borders were threatened.

          5. The splitting occurred before the German invasion in a secret clause of the German-Soviet “non-aggression” pact which parceled Poland up between the two allied invaders.

          6. I gave you the facts but you prefer your prejudices… No news there.
            Here now the news; The Soviet government used diplomatic channels to inform Britain and France that “the current demarcation line is not to be considered an official state border between Germany and the USSR”, and the future of Poland “will depend on many factors and opposing forces that are impossible to take into account at this point.”
            The new Soviet-German border was implicitly recognized at the international level. Winston Churchill stated in his address, “That the Russian armies should stand on this line was clearly necessitated for the safety of Russia against the Nazi menace.” Paris also gave its implicit consent to the territorial changes.

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