Hold On to Your Wallets! Zelensky’s Back in Town!

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

After shipping some $45 billion in military equipment to Ukraine, the Biden Administration is bringing Ukrainian President Zelensky back to Washington to beg for more money. But with the war going badly for Ukraine and strong US opposition to spending more on the effort, it looks to be an uphill battle. Also today: who was the armed guy impersonating a cop at the RFK rally…and why can’t RFK get Secret Service Protection? Finally… Homeland Security has a new target: you!

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Hold On to Your Wallets! Zelensky’s Back in Town!”

  1. Zelensky is back in Washington to pickpocket its taxpayers. He must have spent a lot of time hanging out with Netanyahu. The amount of money and weapons we give them is not good enough for them and they demand more.

  2. The little rat is back, begging and threatening us again for more cheese. I’m wondering.. How did his parents afford to pay cash last year for an eleven million dollar estate in Israel ? And how did his mother in law come up with five million dollars cash to buy a beach side mansion in Egypt just three months ago ? 🤔

  3. Sep 15, 2023 Germany just told Ukraine to F* off, along with 3 other E.U. countries

    We will not extradite people to die! That is what four countries have told Ukraine in response to the country’s request to send back those refugees they were so nice to last year. They need to throw them into battle to die, please. The Czech Republic has said that it will not do that and so has Austria, Hungary and Germany. Poland has reportedly already begun to comply.


  4. Bibi may be on the way too. Joe has invited him. In a wonderful chain of events, Bibi will tell congress that he plans to sit down with Palestinian leader and hammer out a two state agreement, stop raids, stop killing Palestinians, and be brothers . /s *He will actually remind congress that we need to attack Iran, and don’t mention Palestinian rights to him. Just send more weapons and money.

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